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Media uncover real reason for Waco brawl: restaurant “objectification of women”

May 21, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Twin Peaks
Making men happy with beer and bodaciousness–we can’t have that

Guess what’s to blame for that biker brawl over the weekend in Waco, Texas, that resulted in nine deaths and 170 arrests? Restaurant sexism.

Here’s an alarmist piece from Newsweek: “One location advertises ‘the coldest beer, tastiest food and the hottest girls.’ Servers with names such as Roxy and Mandy don cargo shorts and red plaid tops, tied at the center and covering little more than a bikini top. A restaurant specialty is the ‘shot ski,’ a wooden ski with shot glasses attached, which waitresses parade around while chanting ‘shot ski!’ and hold up to patrons’ mouths like a limbo stick. The restaurant hosts bikini contests and car washes, where tanned women strut down makeshift runways as customers munch on sliders, steaks and sandwiches, and guzzle drinks called the Dirty Blonde and Knotty Brunette. Beers come in two sizes: ‘girl’ and ‘man,’ and servers describe the dining as ‘man-craveable food.'”


The ultra-liberal website ThinkProgress reveals even more Twin Peaks crimes against  feminist correctness:

“So-called ‘breastaurants’ spark a lot of controversy for what many critics complain amounts to the objectification of women. Twin Peaks’ CEO, Randy DeWitt, refers to his female employees as “weapons of mass distraction.” The waitresses employed at Twin Peaks are given discounts at gyms, nail salons, and tanning salons, as well as a ‘diet menu’ to help them avoid gaining any weight. Some of its locations hold ‘lingerie weeks’ during which waitresses don their lacy underwear.

“But the restaurant chain’s internal memo aimed at ‘guys-guys’ is a reminder that deeply entrenched gender roles can also impact men. In a society where men are assumed to be ‘simple creatures’ who never want to talk about what they’re thinking or feeling, there isn’t a lot of room for more nuanced explorations of masculinity — something that researchers confirm has demonstrably negative consequences for men’s health.”

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  1. Matthew Chiglinsky permalink

    Are you suggesting it’s nice to treat girls like dumb sex objects? I think it’s kind of mean. The general idea of being a good person is to be mean as infrequently as possible.

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