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Annals of sexist statuary: feminist Twitter-rage over sculpture of a man…talking to a woman

May 29, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Photo: Ash Hernandez, via Cathy De La Cruz (@SadDiego)

He’s standing and she’s sitting–so it’s got to be “mansplaining”

Everywhere there are feminists, there’s a sexist statue.

Last year, it was the “sleepwalking man” at Wellesley. Student social justice warriors vandalized and called for the removal of Tony Matelli’s fiberglass sculpture of a man stumbling about in his underwear. His crime? He reminded feminists of sexual assault.

This year, it’s a statue at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. This statue, by sculptor Paul Tadlock, is also of a man. He’s doing something even worse: He’s talking to a woman!

And as every feminist knows, that’s “mansplaining”! And we can’t have that–so let the Twitter war begin!

And also the fem-splaining, as in this, from the Daily Dot:

“As every woman knows, no matter your level of experience or knowledge in any given subject, you can expect to be undermined, interrupted, railroaded, or otherwise condescended to by a certain brand of man who will make a point of telling you that you’re wrong, misinformed, or under-educated about whatever it is. Even if the subject is one men can’t possibly have first-hand knowledge of, like street harassment, or vaginas, you’re guaranteed to find at least one man, or several hundred, who’ll be happy to explain to women that their experiences of these things are wrong….

“The statue, with its demonstrative body language, also demonstrates another commonly experienced sexist micro-aggression that’s become known as ‘manspreading’: a tendency certain men have to sprawl out and take up public spaces, while women cross their legs tightly and attempt to take up as little space as possible.”

“Mansplaining” and “manspreading”! That’s a double microagression!

Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. Lastango permalink

    The most retro thing about isn’t the clothes… it’s that he’s interested in her, and showing it. He was on the move, but he stopped to engage.

    So I can see why the feminists don’t like it. They know coeds will be walking by, and think the likes of “That never happens to me! And he looks like he’s going to ask her out at any moment! How come I don’t know any men full of all that alpha energy?”

    Why, it’s enough to make a young lady wonder why the m/f ratio at her school is 2:1

    Want to see the feminists turn purple with rage? Erect this across from it:

  2. Matthew Chiglinsky permalink

    He’s obviously about to rape her, right on that bench in broad daylight in front of spectators. LOL

    Did I do it right? Am I mocking feminists now, or did I go too far with that one?

  3. I used to do some work at radio station KPFA in Berkeley, CA. There were various news programs during the day and one particular feminist newscast started out a news story with the following lede: “A male gynecologist who claims to know more about female organs than women, said today…” Hey, I’ve been to female doctors who have more knowledge about penises than most men. Maybe we should burn down the med schools.

  4. If an ex tries to tell you something, is that ex-plaining?

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