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Tattoo artist tells Jezebel writer a neck tat would be “tacky”–Jezebel writer screams sexism

June 17, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Don't Tell Me I Can't Get A Fucking Neck Tattoo

It’s misogynist to refuse to ink one of these

Seems that our heroine went to New York City tattooist Dan Blythewood to have her two-year-old daughter’s name inked a couple of inches below her ear. This conversation ensued:

“Dan: ‘Not gonna happen.’

“Me: ‘Wait, what? Why?’

“Dan: ‘It’ll look tacky. It’s just tacky.’

“Me: ‘Wait, you’re telling me what will look tacky on me? Don’t I get to decide that?’

“Dan: ‘A neck tattoo on someone without a lot of tattoos is like lighting a birthday candle on an unbaked cake.’

“Stunning analogy, right? I wonder: Does Dan know what an analogy even is? And then suddenly I’m fighting back tears because, as Dan has already correctly assessed, I’m just a feeble-minded, hysterical girl. And then I ask the next thing that pops into my head.

“Me: ‘Would you say this to a guy?’

“Dan luh-hiterally paused, looked askance, and said with a slight nod, unconvincingly, ‘Yeah.'”

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