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Microaggression U: Saying America’s a “melting pot” can get you into trouble on UC campuses

June 18, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

UC Berkeley: It’s a “microaggression” to check for a wedding ring on a woman’s finger

And just how micro can a microaggression be? Here’s how, according to the UC list:

“A person asking an Asian American or Latino American to teach them words in their native language.”  That supposedly means “You are a perpetual foreigner in your own country.”

Use of the pronoun ‘he’ to refer to all people.” In other words, uttering the proverb “He travels fastest who travels alone” could get you in big trouble.

A “A person asks a woman how old she is, and on hearing she is 31, looks quickly at her ring finger.” The unconscious crime here, according to UC, is the aassumption that women should be married during their child-bearing ages because that is their primary purpose.

Furthermore, as UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh has pointed out, some of the microaggressions on the list include the expression of widely held ideas that are supposedly protected by the First Amendment:

“America is the land of opportunity.”

“Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.”

“Affirmative action is racist.”

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