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If feminists got to pick a woman for the $10 bill: Beyonce, Gloria Steinem, and more Beyonce

June 25, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Molly Pitcher: Never on any feminist list

But at least people have heard of Beyonce. That’s more than you can say for half the females on the above lists. Let’s look at some of the ridiculous choices, starting with Exposito’s:

1. Shirley Chisholm. The first black woman to win a congressional seat (Democrat). Not too awful a choice–but was that enough to put her on a bill?

2. Inez Mllholland. Who? Oh, she was a suffragette who “handcuffed herself to an incarcerated person while investigating Sing Sing.” I thought  that was Joyce Mitchell at Dannemora.

3. Dolores Huerta. Heads the United Farm Workers Union, which now has all of 6,000 members. Also never worked on a farm, which was one reason that even liberals say caused the near-terminal decline of this highly publicized union: a heavy-handed top management out of touch with its rank-and-file.

4. Harriet Tubman. This famous Underground Railroad leader is the only serious contender on Exposito’s list. Plus, her stern demeanor may discourage would-be spendthrifts from throwing their $10 bills around too freely.

5. Eleanor Roosevelt. Yeah, sure. An ultra-liberal motormouth whom even her husband couldn’t stand to be around.

6. Wilma Mankiller. Name says it all.

7. Alice Paul. Who? Oh, another suffragette.

8. Ida B. Wells. Who?

9. Christine Jorgensen. Oh, c’mon, Suzy! If you’re going to go down that road, why not go all the way and put Caitylyn Jenner on the tenner?

10. Beyonce.

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  1. jrzero permalink

    what difference does it make it wont be worth the price of toilet papper

  2. Jenner… tenner… there’s a good limerick lurking somewhere in there…

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