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Feminist: I’m tattooed from head to toe–but if you notice that, you’re guilty of “tatcalling”

July 9, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Yesterday, we got more color into my Capricorn. (Repost from @giarose.)
Author Fabello’s thighs–no comments, please

“Ten times, a strange man shouted at me  ‘Nice tats!’  or ‘ I love your tattoos!’ or ‘Where do you get your work done?’ One guy even literally stopped to show me his tattoos….

‘While it may seem like an innocent, honest compliment, sometimes it can actually employ all of the same dynamics of catcalling.”

Then Fabello launches on a lecture as to why this is so horrible: “It’s an invasion of space, time, and bodily autonomy,” “My tattoos aren’t for you–they’re for me,” yada, yada, yada:

“At the end of the day, if your comment or question cuts into a woman’s right to space, time, or bodily autonomy in a way that makes her uncomfortable or distraught, it’s street harassment.”

My question is: How’s a guy to know whether you feel “uncomfortable” or you just love it because he’s so hot?

There’s something humorous about spending hundreds of dollars to cover your body with attention-craving designs and then screaming misogyny when someone pays attention to them. But feminists have very thin (tattooed) skin. So don’t look!

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One Comment
  1. Lastango permalink

    I’m happy to leave her tats to her.

    Like a habit of cursing, tattoos degrade a lady. There’s nothing less attractive. IMO she is stupid, impulsive, or both — and I don’t much care what the explanation is. Tats mean she is one candid moment away from spitting on the sidewalk. Tats make me wonder what bugs she is carrying.

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