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U. of Wisconsin professor sends 18-year-old incoming freshmen anti-Scott Walker tweets

July 17, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Sara Goldrick-Rab on WKOW

Professor Strange

Here’s the Milwaukee Sentinel on Goldrick-Rab’s interractions with those hapless incoming freshmen, which occurred on June 6:

“It all started with a photo that a future Badger posted May 31 on Twitter of himself and his friends in their high school graduation caps and gowns, smiling and forming the Wisconsin ‘W’ with their hands.

“‘On (to) Wisconsin!’ the tweet exclaimed. It was tagged @UWMadison #FutureBadgers, and mentioned Twitter handles of the five other students in the photo.

“Six days later, Goldrick-Rab reached out to all six students on Twitter: ‘I hate to bring bad news but,’ her tweet began. She then linked to an opinion piece published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel with the headline: ‘Threats to shared governance and tenure put mission of UW at risk.’

“‘No one cares sara,’ one of the students replied.

“‘Oh good. I thought you want a degree of value. Too bad,’ Goldrick-Rab responded.’Who are you lol’ another student replied.

“One student in his reply alluded to a hot-button statement earlier this year by Walker, a Republican presidential candidate: ‘thanks for sharing, but isn’t it better if professors to (sic) teach more classes? Cuts seem pretty tame w/political environment’ the student tweeted.

“Goldrick-Rab replied: ‘It isn’t the cuts. If this goes through, we are all leaving. No joke.'”

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