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Feminists: Women rack up more student-loan debt than men–and it’s society’s fault, of course

August 5, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

The Sweet Briar College campus in western Virginia.
Try going to Podunk State instead–and don’t major in Third World Literature

While it’s a significant feminist achievement that women now account for 57 percent of graduates earning bachelor’s degrees, those women are more likely than their male peers to start their careers in a financial hole: 68 percent of those female graduates are leaving school with some amount of student loan debt, compared to 63 percent of men.”


“Women make up 62 percent of students at private and often pricey four-year institutions, where tuition costs are often in five-figure range….”

Well, that’s dumb. If you can’t afford a fancy private college, what’s wrong with a cheap state school?

“[T]here are also a million more women than men in community colleges, which are more affordable, but have high drop-out rates – just one in five first-time full-time community college students graduates in five years, leaving the ones who don’t with limited job prospects and accumulated debt.”

So graduate already–in the two years (not five) that community college is supposed to take.

“Once they graduate—if they graduate—women make less money than men , and so spend a greater proportion of their salaries to pay off their loans. So while their male peers have more money to play with – to put into a 401k, to invest, to save for a home, to put in an emergency fund, to use as a cushion when they take a big career risk – women throw much of their income down a student debt hole that often stretches on for decades…..

“There is some degree of ‘choice’ involved in the pay gap – insofar as women funneled into certain careers and men into others is a ‘choice.’ More women major in the humanities than in fields like business, engineering and the sciences, which usually lead to better-paying jobs after graduation. Within employment sectors, men gravitate toward high-paying specialties, while women may focus on areas that are more fulfilling or more flexible, but less remunerative.”

Is someone holding a gun to college women’s heads and forcing them to major in Third World Literature? Women are constantly whining about there not being enough of them in STEM careers–so how about “funneling” themselves into one of those remunerative science and engineering majors? And, right,”fulfilling” jobs often come at a price–a salary price. You can’t have everything.

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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