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Amanda Marcotte hearts Anthony Weiner–says sexting counts as “affirmative consent”

August 13, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Marcotte: It’s “communicating nonverbally”

“Feminists have long argued that affirmative consent isn’t really a new concept, but rather a way of codifying how most people have sex already: by constantly communicating, verbally and nonverbally, their interest in what’s happening. Anti-feminists, however, argue that the ongoing communication model is a boner-killer and too much to ask of ordinary people….

“Constant communication during sexual activity isn’t just normal; it’s what most people actively seek out. They look for reasons to do it just for the hell of it, even when they can’t have actual sex—sexting is people affirmatively consenting all over the place! Far from being a drag, affirmative consent is exciting. There’s no reason not to hold it up as a standard.”

Whew! Or rather, wow! So if you’re Anthony Weiner and you send what is euphemistically known as a “sexually suggestive picture” of yourself to a female, you’re in the clear–as long as she sends you one back,

And Amanda Marcotte is a veritable goddess Alecto on the subject of “rape culture,”So if she says something’s OK (feministically speaking), it’s OK.

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  1. don’t forget about all of those affirmative consent texts that Emma Sulkowicz sent

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