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Jezebel feminists outraged that men don’t want to take their wives’ surnames when they marry

August 19, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Guys think it’s “emasculating”–which means there’s something wrong with guys

Those responses enraged the already-excitable ladies of Jezebel. Rachel Veronica Cote quickly penned a sarcasm-IV piece titled “Fifteen Imaginary Women React to the Idea of a Man Taking Their Name”:

Cote wrote:

“We were aggrieved, nay, heartsick as we contemplated the gnawing terror experienced by Poor Men who are asked to take the names of their female partners.

“We want above all else to assuage this Man Pain. And that is why we sought high and low for fifteen women willing to sympathize with you on this delicate and testicular-focused matter. We couldn’t find any, but we were able to scrounge up fifteen imaginary women who ally themselves deeply with your male-centric ethos.”

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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  1. Lastango permalink

    Feminists don’t actually want any man who would take their name. Of course they can’t say that. But they come close sometimes:

    As a matter of fact, it’s caused me to realize that most of the men I’ve personally known who have made a huge hairy point of identifying as feminists have been either date rapists, mom fetishists, porn addicts, or bear daddies inflicting their frustrated pseudopaternal tendencies on women. They are some of the most passive-aggressive, patronizing, out-dishing without it-taking twerps on the planet, and they are poisoning the women’s movement from the inside by sapping the hell out of everyone’s goddamn energy.

    — and —

    (Men in the feminist movement are) just twats. Manipulative, idiotic, passive aggressive twats. Not so far away from the icky hipster boyfriend. They both should be shunned.

    • these are great quotes, where did you find them? i want to add them to my post about male feminists

      • Click on “Those Responses.”

      • Lastango permalink

        If you’re asking about my quotes, Zodak, you can start here:

        Want a couple more from elsewhere? Feminist men are wankers:

        Everyone knows what I’m talking about. And some of them are even really cute! I want to say to them, “If you could be a person, like a whole, complicated person, who I feel like I could crack jokes around, then I would really like you.” But they’re so serious about their feminism at every moment that I don’t feel like a person to them. I feel like I’m on a pedestal, almost. I know that they’re not going to disagree with anything I say under any circumstances. And I don’t feel like I can make a raunchy joke about sex, because they’ll be horrified. . . . I hate to be critical of our allies in any way, because we need them, but there’s something about that certain kind of hyperfeminist guy that makes them unappealing to date, to me. I suspect it has something to do with our internal conceptions of masculinity, which is terrible on my part.

        From the comments:
        I think what she is trying to say here is that yes we want to date feminists, but a lot of feminist men, either in an attempt to get in our pants, or because they are not quite comfortable with the whole feminism thing basically go out of their way to bash on themselves and constantly apologize for being born male. I don’t like that in a potential boyfriend. Accept your privilege, keep it in check, and move on, but don’t expect us to be happy about men hating themselves in the name of feminism.

        Even Amanda Marcotte knows feminist men are useless as manly mates because they never had a dog in the fight:

        A guy who you love who is reliably liberal and does 50% more than most men around the house but still pulls rank on you, often subconsciously, isn’t really a bad thing to settle for when you have reason to believe there are few totally feminist guys. (Many of whom, in my experience, aren’t really into having kids anyway, which makes it a lot easier for them not to lean on their privilege.)

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