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And now we’re supposed to feel sorry for the hacked Ashley Madison adulterers

August 20, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Life is short. Have some sense.

Now that the Ashley Madison hackers have posted on the dark web the customer information (including e-mail addresses and sexual tastes) for some 37 million users of the “married dating” website, the boo-hooing has begun.

Seems we’re actually supposed to feel sorry for all those people whose lives will be “destroyed”–because they wanted to cheat on their husbands and wives without anyone ever finding out, but those darned hackers ruined it all:

Here’s Brian Krebs, who broke the story of the hack a month ago, telling U.K. Guardian‘s Sam Thielman please, people, don’t laugh:

“’We have to be very cautious and I think sensitive to this,’ Krebs, who broke the initial story, said. ‘There’s a very real chance that people are going to overreact. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw people taking their lives because of this, and obviously piling on with ridicule and trying to out people is not gonna help the situation.’

“Krebs, who posted about the hack’s outcome today and has revealed details of other major hacks including the massive data breach at Target, said the danger from this particular hack had to do not just with the nature of the information but with public shaming culture.”

“Shaming culture”! Heaven forbid that anyone should ever have to feel l embarrassed about what they say and do.
What makes me sad–or rather, what makes me laugh, but in a cynical kind of way–is the fact that at least 15,000 of the e-mail addresses ended with “.gov” or “.mil.” We taxpayers just love paying for adulterous trysts on government time. And using your work e-mail to set up your extra-marital affairs–how’s that for stupid?
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