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New York’s ’70s show: muggings, squeegee men, and now, topless ladies in Times Square

August 24, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Taxi Driver with cell phones

Of course, the elite media, which have been complaining for two decades about the “Disneyfication of Times Square”–Rudy Giuliani’s cleaning out the porn and the prostitutes so as to make it a safe place to take your kids to, is drooling over the idea that now you actually don’t want to take your kids to Times Square. Here’s the Gothamist mocking the hicks from the sticks:

“Times Square, once a potpourri of porn shops, peep shows, and prostitution, has long since been Giuliani-fied into a tourist’s Disney World, complete with a giant Toys ‘R Us and grifting cartoon characters. But Times Square’s family-friendly environment is UNDER ATTACK, according to the Post, thanks to a panhandler who’s been welcoming newcomers to the area with a sign reading: ‘F–k You!!! Pay Me!!!!!!! I need money 4 Drugz & Hoez & Weaponz Mother F–kerz!’ New Yorkers are nothing if not honest.

“The tabloid reports that 36-year-old Daniel Kimery was spotted advertising Taylor Swift’s original lyrics near 43rd Street and Broadway yesterday, which is prime tourist fodder, considering its proximity to a Starbucks, the Hard Rock Cafe, and a pedicab tour station. And people were not happy—’The entire situation just wasn’t right. I could tell something was off with that bum in the green shirt from the second I saw him,’ tourist Robb Hueston told the Post. Hueston hails from Dallas, a city in which people once carried guns into a Chipotle to prove…something. ‘I have small children, and my kids don’t need to be reading that kind of offensive garbage,’ he told the tabloid.”

And here’s more tut-tutting at the puritans who think there should be such a thing as public decorum in public places:

“Enter de Blasio hater, Governor Andrew Cuomo. He, too, is scared of breasts and thinks topless women are a step too far for Times Square, ‘I believe it is infringing on legitimate businesses. I think it is infringing on the investment that the state and the city made in the 42nd Street area, and I think it has to be stopped,’ and said it reminded him of the ‘bad old days.’ Sure, a handful of semi-naked ladies wearing headdresses is the same thing as junkies and dudes going to Peep-o-Rama, so he had his Empire State Development pass a resolution to specifically rid the area of the women.”

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