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Great business plan, Ashley Madison! Turned out almost no women ever actually used the site

August 27, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

CEO Noel Biderman: Fake females almost all the way down
The female–or should I say the “female” users of the adultery-facilitating “dating” service get (or perhaps “got”–although if you want to be a sucker, you can still sign up) to use the site for for free, while men have to pay–which meant that Newitz couldn’t use the credit-card data that made the male users easily identifiable. Instead she dove into the e-mail and ISP addresses of the 5.5 million supposed females. There she discovered that the vast majority of those looked as bot-created as the Alfa Romeo that your sister bought after making $9,000 in a month working part-time on her computer at home. Others seemed to be easily traceable right back to Ashley Madison itself.

All this, of course, is infuriating to feminists, who insist that women’ sexual tastes are identical to men’s–or would be if only society weren’t so misogynistic. Here’s Gloria Margolis at The Week complaining (the day before Newitz’s piece appeared that the seixist media aren’t paying any attention to women’s lusty Ashley Madison desires:

“Is it really so hard to believe that perhaps some female signups also drooled lustfully at the prospect of covert extramarital sex? And that they were so blinded by the horn that they too entered indiscreet personal details? But journalists are scouring the hack list for famous men, like noted family values hypocrite Josh Duggar, and seem unconcerned with exposing Ashley Madison’s female customers.

“To stubbornly ignore the role of women who use the site gives an incomplete picture. Mentioning Ashley Madison’s female clients merely to dismiss them as an insignificant minority implies that it’s only really men who coldly seek affairs. We can’t accept that women can also be sexual predators — or, at least not women who are in their right mind. The media loves to paints females who assert their sexuality as ‘out of control’ or damaged.”

Well, now you’ve got your answer, Gloria.

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  1. you can’t complain that all those men are cheating bastards while at the same time proudly declaring that all the girls were fake. if the female profiles were fake, that means that the men were not cheaters, because there was nobody to cheat with.

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