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Hillary’s vintage photos: When all else fails, start passing around your baby pictures

September 15, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Hillary with hunky hub Bill: Reminding us that it’s been 40 years since those pizza-slice lapels were in style

And the photos are fabulous! There’s one of cute Baby Hillary grinning charmingly from ear to ear along with her dad, her little bro, and her mom wearing that terrific perm-style 1950s hairdo. Hmm, the 1950s–six decades ago. No wonder that photo is ever so slightly blurry: mass-consumption cameras just couldn’t focus so well back then. That one of high-school Hillary: Every girl wore her hair in one of those flips back then. It went with owning all the Beatles albums. 1965! What was that–fifty years ago? My, how time flies!

And that one of her in the hat along with her then-brand-new Arkansas gov-hub Bill–mmm, what a hunk and a half he was! Even in one of those silly 1970s suits with the lapels that looked like slices of pizza. Bill even looked cute in the photo of him with the hippie beard at Yale Law School. Hippies! Whatever happened to them?

And here’s one of Hillary wearing a dress! She looks nice. When was the last time Hillary wore a dress? Can you remember? 1998, maybe? That was sixteen years ago.

That’s the problem with nostalgia. It reminds you of how distant the past actually is. It reminds you that you were once young, but now you’re old. Is that really what Hillary wants to remind people of 24/7 as she seeks to become the president of the United States?

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