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How to get kids to eat Michelle-mandated school veggies: pair them with something even worse

October 5, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

school lunch - michelle obama

Carrot sticks will look good compared to this

Here’s how to get kids to actually eat those hated carrot sticks and  bits of steamed broccoli that Michelle Obama’s school-lunch program forces them to put onto their trays:

Pair the veggies with something that kids like even less!

That’s what researchers at Texas A&M University are telling us, according to the Washington Post:

“Researchers at Texas A&M University, looking for patterns in food consumption among elementary school children, found an interesting quirk about when and why kids choose to eat their vegetables. After analyzing plate waste data from nearly 8,500 students, it seems there’s at least one variable that tends to affect whether kids eat their broccoli, spinach or green beans more than anything: what else is on the plate.

“Kids, in short, are much more likely to eat their vegetable portion when it’s paired with a food that isn’t so delicious it gets all the attention. When chicken nuggets and burgers, the most popular items among schoolchildren, are on the menu, for instance, vegetable waste tends to rise significantly.”


What a great idea! Don’t serve anything the kids actually like! Make the contents of the school cafeteria trays so revolting that even a carrot stick will look good. “Pair” some roasted turkey gizzards with that steamed cauliflower—and the cauliflower will vanish down the hatch.
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