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366,000 Google results! “Crazy GOP uncle” is the Dem green bean/mushroom soup casserole

November 26, 2015
Needs those talking points
Oh gee, gotta write something for Thanksgiving that’ll work in how great Obamacare is and how mean we are to orphans from Syria….Maybe I could explain how that’s exactly what ISIS wants and we care so much about what ISIS thinks….No, I already wrote that in my column yesterday…Oh, I know!
I’ll write a column called “How to Talk to Your Crazy Republican Uncle at Thanksgiving!”
What? You say that’s already been done, that when you google it, you get 366,000 results?
The Huffington Post did it? USA Today did it? Vox did it?
The Los Angeles Times did it last year?
And the Democratic National Committee does it every single year! In a phone-friendly version so you can read your talking points off your Android lying next to your fork at the family table.
Here’s a sample:
The United States has one of the strictest refugee screening processes in the world—we can help families whose lives have been destroyed by ISIS without jeopardizing our security. But when our leaders embrace Islamophobia, that makes it harder for us to fight terrorism abroad. And not for nothing, screening refugees based on their religion goes against everything our country stands for

Still, we know millennials can’t cook even though they went to Princeton, and a list of liberal talking points might make a nice addition to Aunt Millie’s marshmallow-topped yams.

You say give it a rest? Why? Every other media outlet in America is giving advice on how to talk to your crazy Republican uncle. This year, last year, next year, every year until the last Democrat dies. Why can’t I?

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