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If your religion is “Satanic Temple,” maybe it’s not good pro-choice PR to blog your abortion

December 13, 2015
Satanist Jex Blackmore: Pro-choice poster child…or not?
The Daily Beast (already not a good monicker for a pro-choice media outlet) reports:
As the national spokesperson for The Satanic Temple and the director of its Detroit chapter, Jex Blackmore’s job description is certainly unusual. But her blog about medical abortion resonated so widely because it is so common.
Beginning in late November, Blackmore posted a series of gripping posts, collectively entitled “Unmother,” in which she detailed every step of the process from her positive pregnancy test (which she calls “a plastic stick that holds within it a cosmos tunnel of what-nows, what-ifs and oh f[—]s”), to navigating Michigan’s abortion restrictions including a 24-hour waiting period, to her choice of viewing material when she took the misoprostol on Thanksgiving day (John Carpenter’s 1988 horror thriller They Live).
Here’s an excerpt from Blackmore’s initial “Unmother” post:
The pro-creator of this little lump lives in the middle of the desert 1,700 miles away from here, and I am one million miles away in my own head.
My first thought was: Boy, there’s a guy who wasted no time putting 1,700 miles between him and Jex Blackmore.
Posted by Charlotte Allen
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