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“Anxieties,” “perfect confluence”: Media wags jeer at people buying guns after San Bernardino

December 15, 2015

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

WaPo’s Ingraham: Aren’t those yokels silly?

The Washington Post reports:

“A new Public Religion Research Institute survey out Thursday finds that two-thirds of Americans say that mass shootings are a ‘critical’ issue facing the country today, with 75 percent saying the same about terrorism. And the shooting in San Bernardino last week represents something of a perfect confluence of those issues: Islamic State-inspired extremists walk into a staff gathering and begin murdering people with assault-style rifles.

“Data from Google shows that Americans are dealing with these anxieties in the most quintessentially American way: interest in concealed carry gun permits has exploded to unprecedented levels this month.”

Dontcha love Post reporter Christopher Ingraham’s “open carry” superciliousness in his choice of words to describe ordinary people’s reactions to a jihadist mass murder? “Perfect confluence.” “These anxieties.” “The most quintessentially American way.”

Oh, just go ahead and call them “yahoos,” Christopher.

Read the whole thing here.

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