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Abuela, Kwanzaa, Rosa Parks, Snapchat: Hillary desperately tries to get someone to like her

December 30, 2015

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:


Hillary gets down with Kwanzaa.


She’s your abuela! She celebrates Kwanzaa! She even stuck Rosa Parks onto her logo, except–oops!–sitting in the back of the bus!

Hillary is trying so hard!

And with no group is she trolling for votes so assiduously as with millenials:

“She joined Snapchat, launched her account with a lighthearted selfie about “chillin in Cedar Rapids” and snapped about Planned Parenthood. She has participated in interviews aimed at young people, like when she chatted with BuzzFeed’s Another Round podcast. And the campaign has worked with internet ‘influencers’ like Karen Civil.

“[Christina] Aguilera hosted a fundraiser for Clinton earlier this year, [America] Ferrera has helped headline events for Clinton and [Lena] Dunham, the star of HBO’s ‘Girls’ will campaign for the former secretary of state’s presidential bid in Iowa in January.

Clinton also taped an appearance on the Comedy Central show ‘Broad City’ to air next year.

Hello, young people, I’m Hillary Clinton!

But the problem is this:

“The 68-year old former secretary of state has Democratic establishment backing, key union endorsements and strong support from seniors, yet has thus far been unable to crack the code with millennials and GenXers. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders, her 74-year old primary opponent, is winning nearly 60% of voters under 45 years old. Sanders is beating Clinton 41%-35% among Democratic millennials, according to The Harvard Institute of Politics’ annual survey of millennials, released last week. And among all age groups, she’s running neck-and-neck in some head-to-head polls against the pair of 44-year-old GOP senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.”

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen
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