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Norway fights “refugee” groping…with classes teaching “refugee” men that groping is bad

January 21, 2016

From my latest blog post from the Independent Women’s Forum:

'Scarred for life': A victim of the Cologne New Year's Eve attacks, known only as Jenny (pictured), was left with horrific burns on her shoulder after a firework was shoved into the hoodie she was wearing

Cologne victim “Jenny”–Norwegian “no means no” classes weren’t available


Here’s how to deal with those hordes of self-styled “refugees” groping women all over Northern Europe:

Enroll them in “No Means No” classes like the ones on college campuses!

Really! This is what they’re doing in Norway:

“In Norway, migrants are being given courses to prevent violence against women, especially rape, and to teach them how to interpret customs in a country that may seem surprisingly liberal to them.

Here’s a sample class:

This particular morning at the Ha reception centre in southwestern Norway, a dozen Syrian and Sudanese asylum seekers fidget in their seats in a small room as their group discussion starts.

The curtains are drawn and a space heater blasts out hot air to heat up the room, but the participants keep their jackets on.

“‘The idea behind this course is to talk about risk situations that can arise when it comes to rapes and sexual assaults,’ the group’s leader Linda Hagen says, kicking off the class in Norwegian, with an interpreter translating to Arabic.

“‘We need your help so that we can together detect these situations.'”

Don’t you have the feeling that these fidgety Syrians and Sudanese aren’t going to react in quite the same positive way as 18-year-old computer-science majors at Podunk U. here in the States when Hagen informs them that not every girl twerking with them in a miniskirt wants to be their sex partner.

And you’re right! Here are some Syrian and Sudanese reactions to Hagen’s lecture:

“‘If she wants come to my place, that means she’s consenting,’ says one Syrian.

“‘But if she’s drunk, how can I be sure that she wants to sleep with me?’asks a Sudanese man.”

Read the whole thing here.

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