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Lena Dunham quits Twitter for the umpteenth time because the tweeters are so mean to her

February 3, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Dunham: Twitter allows people to make me feel hurt

Guess what? Lena Dunham has quit Twitter!

“’I’ve been fairly public about that fact that I no longer check my own Twitter,’ she said. ‘I found that the hostility, particularly the hostility towards women and the expressions of violence were too much.’

“Dunham made her remarks this afternoon during a forum hosted by MORE Magazine with First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Julianne Moore.

“Dunham said that believed that Twitter was an ‘important platform’ but demanded changes and protections from the hatred that she had exposed herself to. Dunham said:

“‘Many internet media platforms — social media platforms — have to be putting more barriers in place for what is ultimately the violent harassament of women. And just because it’s not face to face, doesn’t mean it’s not extremely dangerous emotionally, doesn’t mean it couldn’t transfer to something really kind of terrifying in the real world.'”

But wait! Didn’t Dunham just quit Twitter a couple of months ago?

“Lena Dunham is one of the few no-holds-barred famous faces we have in entertainment today, famous for co-creating Girls, embracing the overshare and giving us the realistic Goop we’ve been waiting for. So why is the 29-year-old quitting Twitter?

“‘Verbal violence,’ she says. AKA trolls.”

And then there was the time she quit Twitter in January 2015:

Read the whole thing here.

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