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Politically Correct U.: Brown faculty renames Columbus Day “Indigenous People’s Day”

February 4, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Columbus: Once a daring navigator, now a genocidal non-person

The name change, which becomes effective this fall, came at the behest of the student group Native Americans at Brown, according to the Brown Daily Herald:

“NAB and other students rallied outside Salomon Center before the meeting took place, holding signs reading ‘250+ years of occupying indigenous land,’ ‘Native Americans discovered Columbus,’ ‘We don’t celebrate genocide’ and ‘#Changethename.’

“The vote was in response to a petition signed by over 1,100 faculty members, staff, alums and students urging the University to recognize indigenous peoples on the day formally celebrating the oppression instigated by Christopher Columbus, said Thomas Roberts, chair of the Faculty Executive Committee and professor of ecology and evolutionary biology.”

Actually, the Brown faculty had already dumped Christopher Columbus some seven years ago:

“A 2009 ‘student-led movement’ by NAB previously requested that the name Columbus Day be changed to Indigenous People’s Day because the ‘holiday was insulting and potentially misleading in many ways,’ said Linford Fisher, associate professor of history. But instead of changing the name to Indigenous People’s Day, faculty members voted to change the name of the holiday to a ‘neutral term,’ Fall Weekend, in order to avoid offending the Italian-American population for whom the holiday was originally dedicated, Fisher said.


“’The change from the neutral name of Fall Weekend recognizes both the role and the plight of Native Americans currently and historically,’ Roberts said, adding it will hopefully ‘go some way towards addressing the hurt students feel when they see a holiday named after Columbus.'”

And we can’t have the delicate little darlings feeling “hurt” by a name like “Fall Weekend.”

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen
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