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San Diego briefly bans the term “Founding Fathers”: The word “father” deemed too sexist

February 11, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

founding fathers
Signing the Declaration: No women in this room, so let’s rewrite history

Here’s what happened:

“City Hall recently published an edict on bias-free language – part of a larger correspondence manual for city workers.

“’Our goal is to encourage bias-free language – language that does not create or perpetuate real or perceived prejudice – in our written and spoken communication,’ the city explained in its manual.

“So in the spirit of inclusion and neutrality the city directed employees to stop using words like mankind, manpower, gentleman’s agreement and Founding Fathers.

“The politically correct term, according to the manual, was ‘Founders.'”

Even though the people who signed the Declaration of Independence, ghost-wrote the Federalist Papers, drafted the Constitution, and set up the first U.S. government in 1789 were, um. men. Yes, Betsy Ross designed the flag, and Molly Pitcher (or someone just like her) fought alongside her husband in the Revolutionary War. Martha Washington and Dolley Madison were fabulous hostesses, and Dolley saved the famous Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington when the British set fire to the White House in 1814. But those patriotic deeds didn’t add up to designing and building a brand-new country, which is what the–excuse me–Founding Fathers did.

Fortunately, the “Founding Fathers” ban, which had been around for several years but appeared in a recently updated version of the guidelines, didn’t last long.

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen
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