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Only in the First World: Finnish police advise women to fight off rape with “The Force”

February 15, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

In Finland it’s virtually impossible to carry a gun legally for self-defense, and you need a license to carry pepper-spray–a license that’s typically available only to professional security guards. But after self-described “refugees” from Mideastern conflicts turned New Year’s Eve in Helsinki into a grope-fest as they did in other Northern European cities, police have been scratching their heads trying to devise legal ways for women to protect themselves against sexual assault in public places.

Finally, they came up with this training video, promoting two surefire tactics for getting rid of street harassers pronto:

1. “The Force”: Stretch out both arms in front of youand show that would-be sexual assailant the palms of your hands in a “Halt!” gesture. Look mean and tough while you’re doing it. He will back off and slink away. Really! Didn’t you know that your palms can generate paralyzing waves of energy all by themselves?

2. Turn Your Purse Into a Flail: Swing your handbag in the direction of the assailant the way medieval warriors swung those spiked steel balls on chains into the faces of their enemies. He will be terrified and run off. This could actually work if you had a large lead weight in your purse instead of your wallet and phone.

Read the whole thing here.

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