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Not just crazy, Vassar crazy: Activists demand that all campus bathrooms be “all-gender”

February 19, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Vassar: Its own students call it “land of the politically correct”

Vassar–the crazy college!

The latest: a campaign by campus activists to compel every single bathroom on campus designated as “all-gender.

Yes, you read that right. And no, it’s not a campaign to have, say, every Vassar building open up a bathroom to campus transgenders and, presumably, anyone else. That’s already in the works, a project of Vassar’s LGBTQ Center. According to the Center, there are 13 buildings on the campus that lack such facilities, which imposes a burden on the 1.7 (statistically speaking) transgenders in Vassar’s student population of close to 2,500.

This campaign, launched by a group called the Vassar Queer Health Initiative,  is to get rid of every last men’s bathroom, women’s bathroom, and even co-ed bathroom (because that implies there are only two genders) on Vassar grounds. Here’s the group’s proclamation:

“The Vassar Queer Health Initiative (VQHI) is calling for all bathrooms on campus to be labeled ‘all-gender,’ with a subtitle stating: ‘Anyone can use this restroom, regardless of gender identity and/or expression.’ VQHI finds this demand to be reasonable in theory and simple in implementation.

“VQHI is predicting administrative and alumni pushback on our demand. Cisgender women, often claim uncomfortability in all-gender bathroom situations. And at Vassar, most often these women are faculty, staff, or outside visitors. VQHI attributes cisgender women’s fear of transwomen in bathrooms to transmisogyny and not actual dangers to their safety.”


Although it now appears that the irresistible force of the all-gender bathroom has encountered the immovable object of Fight the Patriarchy:

“VQHI would like to complicate our call for all-gender bathrooms. While we wish to erode and subvert the gender binary, we also have to acknowledge the experiences and ontological realities of all those affected by patriarchial violence. So with that said, VQHI will remain persistent with taping over ‘Men’s’ bathroom signs with ‘All Gender’ signs, while leaving some ‘Women’s’ bathroom signs remaining as they are.”

Read the rest here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen
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