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#IStandWithJackie: WaPo reporter actually believes UVA tried to cover up campus frat rape

March 7, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

UVA Greek life after the thoroughly discredited Rolling Stone story

The University of Virginia tried to cover up allegations of sexual assault by fraternities!

No, the above is not a not a summary of Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s now-thoroughly-discredited (and since-retracted) November 2014 Rolling Stone story about a supposed frat-house gang rape that UVA supposedly put the hush-hush onto  so as not to alarm the alumni.

It’s an actual 2016 story in the March 6 Washington Post whose gist is:

The University of Virginia tried to cover up allegations of sexual assault by fraternities!

Here goes:

“The first conclusion to a four-year federal probe of sexual violence at the University of Virginia was issued in secret, and it stood for just four days.

“Among its findings was that U-Va. ‘abdicated’ its legal responsibility to act on reports of sexual violence within the school’s powerful Greek system and took a ‘hands off’ approach, relying instead on fraternities to police their own membership in cases of alleged rape and other alleged sexual assaults. It also detailed numerous accounts of alleged sexual assault on the Charlottesville campus, tallied more than 150 cases of possible sexual harassment or sexual violence during a six-year period, and said the university failed to identify and address a ‘sexually hostile environment.’

“That stern criticism of Virginia’s flagship public university was part of a 39-page letter to U-Va. officials presenting the findings of a U.S. Education Department Office for Civil Rights, or OCR, investigation that began in June 2011. The Aug. 31, 2015, letter came amid weeks of feverish maneuvering behind the scenes, with Virginia’s governor and two U.S. senators lobbying on behalf of the school amid concern about the effects of a lashing from the federal agency.

“Then, the letter was buried.”

And then there’s this paragraph in Anderson’s story:

“The first letter asserted that the chair of the university’s ­sexual-misconduct board, which adjudicates complaints against alleged attackers, had a conflict of interest because she had multiple roles on campus. An associate dean of students, she was often a first point of contact and support for students who were considering filing sexual-assault reports.

“Later, the government hedged this criticism, saying that the multiple roles created ‘the appearance of a conflict of interest.'”

That “associate dean of students” was likely UVA dean Nicole Eramo, who has sued Erdely and Rolling Stone for libel over allegations in Erdely’s story that she actively discouraged Jackie from taking official action on her supposed rape.

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen
One Comment
  1. Lastango permalink

    The narrative must be preserved at all costs, to allow the Marxist left to continue to allege that “something must have happened” despite findings to the contrary.

    Reminds me of when the NYT doubled down on the Duke lacrosse player witchhunt it helped perpetrate by later pimping the book The Price of Silence.

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