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How to get women to support gun rights: Get them to drool over “hot felon” with illegal gun

March 10, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

When you look like this, who cares if you’ve done time for illegal weapons?

But here’s how Buzzfeed staff writer Julie Gerstein greeted the news of Meeks’s release:

“The Hot Felon Is Finally Out of Prison, You Guys”

And mmm, when Meeks’s mugshot, hit the Facebook page of the police department in Stockton, California, where Meeks was arrested,  the gals went wild, according to Bustle:

“That’s because Meeks, with his high cheekbones, chiseled jawline, and baby-blue eyes, looks like he stepped out of a Tommy Hilfiger ad. Since it was posted on Wednesday, the picture has amassed nearly 54,000 likes, over 6,000 shares, and nearly 16,000 comments.”

Bustle posted a plethora of female tweets on the order of “I wish I could sit on his jury so I could vote not guilty” and “I want his children.”

This is even though Meeks isn’t exactly a baby when it comes to clashes with law enforcement, according to this ABC report soon after his 2014 arrest:

“Meeks has been in trouble with the law on and off since 2002, when the now 30-year-old served a two-year sentence for grand theft of a person (a lesser offense than robbery), according to Stockton police.

“After leaving prison, Meeks reportedly got into legal trouble again in 2005. According to documents obtained by the Smoking Gun website, Meeks was reportedly arrested for alleged identify theft in 2005. Online records show that Meeks was a listed as a defendant in Spokane, Wash., courts five different times from 2005 to 2007.

“According to KTXL-TV in Stockton, Meeks was convicted of theft in 2005 and forgery in 2007 and served less than 75 days total for both offenses.”

That’s quite a rap sheet.

Read the whole thing here.

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