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Professor: If only Hillary didn’t have so many hairstyle choices, people would like her better

March 20, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Clinton in tangerine: the “sexist double bind”

And that, explains Georgetown University linguistitcs orofessor Deborah Tannen writing for Time, is why hardly anyone really likes Hillary Clinton, even though plenty of loyal Democrats plan to vote for her in November: Hillary is in a “sexist double bind”!

We all know that Hillary has a “male-voter problem,”–and also a “female-voter problem”–but as Tannen tells it, the reason is that no matter what kind of look Hillary chooses–or what kind of speech style she affects–she’s bound to make some choices that people don’t like. So it’s damned-if-you-do and damned-if you don’t when Hillary’s faced with the choice of donning that tangerine pantsuit with the matching tangerine blouse.

And that’s because she’s a woman! No one expects a man to wear a tangerine pantsuit!

Here’s Tannen’s profound analysis of Hillary’s likability problem:

“…Clinton must take time to have her hair styled, and even more time having it dyed and applying makeup. She also has to shop for, and then select from, a closetful of outfits—carefully! [Bernie] Sanders, like all male candidates, has only to make sure he has a dark suit, clean shirt and reasonable tie handy. He could easily wear the same suit and tie day after day, but she must wear a different outfit at each debate, while wearing shoes that are less comfortable and harder on her back. The real dilemma, though, is that the range of options from which a woman must choose—styles, colors, lengths, how much skin to expose—is so vast, that any choice she makes will strike many viewers as not the best, providing fodder for criticism and ridicule.”

And those “less comfortable” shoes must be why Hillary made a sourpuss face when some meanie from the press asked her about her home-based e-mail server that seemed to be the repository of so many classified documents.

Read the whole thing here.


Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. Lastango permalink

    Nice gloss by Tannen. Hillary’s problem is that she has no clothes.

  2. BlogDog permalink

    Did they pay that “professor” for that load of tripe?

  3. I have two questions:

    1) Are we really ready to elect a president who has to spend so much precious POTUS time on picking out her wardrobe and doing her hair and makeup?

    2) How come just about every picture of Hillary I’ve seen shows her looking stupid with her mouth wide open? I wonder what the cumulative effect of that will be come November.

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