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“Low-information,” “deserve to die….” Yeah, right–I voted for Trump and I went to Stanford

March 28, 2016

From my latest for USA Today:

What you can do with that “knuckle-dragger” baloney

I went to Stanford, and I voted for Donald Trump. So did my husband. He went to Yale.

And so we spent more than three hours standing in line to vote in Washington, D.C.’s Republican presidential caucus on March 12. We suspected that this would be time spent quixotically, as Washington is the bullseye of the anti-Trump GOP political and intellectual establishment. Sure enough, establishment favorite Florida Sen. Marco Rubio won the majority of the delegates, and Trump finished a poor third. Still, we wanted to be part of the nationwide rebellion against the establishment that has resulted in Trump’s becoming the clear GOP front-runner practically everywhere else in America. And we weren’t alone. Trump is actually enjoying surprisingly strong support among highly educated people like us — and for good reason.

The common wisdom is that the majority of Trump’s supporters are barely literate knuckle-draggers. They’re “low-information,” in the words of Trump’s leading GOP rival nationwide, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. And it’s true that the largest education-level cohort among the Republicans who have consistently given Trump a double-digit lead in the primaries consists of people with high-school educations or less.

But in Massachusetts, home of Harvard and MIT and ranked as the No. 1 state in the union for residents possessing at least a bachelor’s degree, a CNN exit poll for the March 1 Republican primary showed Trump winning over 46% of voters with college degrees and even edging out Ohio “moderate” Gov. John Kasich (29% to 28%) among voters with postgraduate sheepskins. Exit polls in other states show similar results.

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Enrique Martinez permalink

    You don’t need a wall. The “illegal ” workers find work because someone can give it to them without consequences. They will continue to come if they can get a job. So, how to make the “illegal ” leave on their own, put a hefty fine on the business owners that employ them. $500,000 per head. There’s an estimated +12 million “illegals” but only a fraction of that number that employ them. The other issues you spoke of, do you buy “Made in USA”? I buy all that I can find, even if it’s lower quality. Sure, it’s not the instant gratification you’re looking for, but we didn’t get here overnight either. For as long as I remember, the decision has been “which of these two is the lesser evil ” and not the greater good. You should write about that, when was the greater good lost? Maybe, that wasn’t a class at Stanford, I didn’t go there. Same as your 5 hour Quixotic adventure, will you see the greater good or cave in like the rest.

  2. Eugene Bonaroti permalink

    I don’t care where you and your husband went to school. Stupid people attend every institution. Trump and Wharton are case in point. Even Hitler got 40% of the vote. No analysis in the world including yours can reverse the unthinking drivel that comes from Trumps mouth.

  3. Thank you for saying what many of the us have come to see of a Trump presidency, a man who is bringing hope back for families, workers and standards that made America great. From my experience as a retired Marine officer, owner of development company, school teacher and founder of dual registered children’s charity, (US and Ukraine) I have hope again for America.

    • andrew miller permalink

      You can either listen to the words coming out of Trump’s mouth or observe his actions. Let’s look at his actions. Trump was fined by the federal government for hiring illegal immigrants. Virtually all of the clothes he wears and sells come from other countries. And two thirds of his wives come from other countries.

  4. Carol permalink

    Neither Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton appeals to me, but from an economic standpoint and to avoid electing someone who left Americans to die and lied to their families about it and sees herself as an exception to the rules of her own State Department, he would be the only choice if we are stuck with the two of them.

  5. Steven permalink

    Unimpressed with your skewed reasoning and being a journalist you should know to capitalize ‘Union’. Typo’s happen all the time but that one is obvious. How this guy relates to your life and philosophy would’ve been more enlightening compared to the usual talking points you go on about in your story. USA Today surely recognized this as they made sure to headline that you were from Stanford. Let me give you some insight: when you have media like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh going at President Obama 24/7 for nearly eight years with largely baseless bombast and never giving the guy his due when he’s earned it, you’re going to get a constituency that will allow someone bizarre like Trump to rise and hijack the Party. The Republicans, not the nation, deserve Trump. I’m going to enjoy watching the returns on Election Night. I’ll keep a special thought for you. Actually if you want to do the nation some good you could report why a top flight school like Stanford isn’t leading the charge to strengthen women’s hiring in the tech industry, especially considering Stanford is constantly recruited specfically for its tech students. Take care.

    • “Typo’s” is a typo. Please see

      • Steven permalink

        Ha! You’re right Bill. I wondered when I typed that but the word didn’t look right with an apostrophe. I checked too. Thanks for the correction. 🙂

    • Lanceman permalink

      Then ‘typos’ is plural, not possessive. But to someone as intelligent as you obviously are, I guess that was just one of those ‘typo’s’.

      • Steven permalink

        Hey Lance! Unsure with the level of your sarcasm but this misplaced apostrophe behavior is out of hand! Bill above was kind enough to direct me to a website belonging to a club dedicated to the protection of the apostrophe. Check it out. Gotta love the Brits!

  6. Your education didn’t help much at bringing some light on how exactly Trump is going to address illegal immigration and trade. Nor you explain how his ideas will help correct our problems. The article limits itself to point out the issues that we already know, and to make use of the same blurbs that Trump shouts.

  7. Dan permalink

    If you really think building a wall between the US in Mexico is an economically profitable or financially viable option, I would promptly seek a refund of your Ivy League educations. It’s a fantasy.

    Your whole premise is that because you went to an Ivy League school, you are smart. That appears to be a gravely false assumption.

    Trumps vague plans just don’t make sense. Being undeniably selfish sounds awesome in principle, but have you ever tried that in the real world for very long. It creates isolation.

    Isn’t free trade a conservative and capitalist foundational concept? How can you and someone representing conservativeness even utter the words of economic protectionism without realizing how stupid that makes you sound.

    Wow, good luck sister.

  8. W. Evans permalink

    So what..there’s a lot of dumb people who go to Stanford..I know, I see them in class everyday.

  9. Ray M. permalink

    Pay no attention to the morons who freely soil your blog, Charlotte. Good for you for having the guts and the logic to state your position. It’s obvious that most Americans get their education from Sesame Street and the media. I’m looking forward to watching the Left squirm for the next 12 years while America re-establishes itself as the manufacturing and education super power.

    • Thanks, Ray, but I’m letting everyone comment freely in the interests of free speech. Obscenity, blasphemy, racism, and antisemitism won’t be tolerated, but I don’t mind personal insults.

  10. paulejb permalink

    Demand a refund.

  11. These mindless attackers be-clown themselves. If you are considering voting for Hillary or one of the “approved” GOP candidates, you are voting for more of the same ethically challenged, lawless, self enriching favoritism that has crushed the middle class and is destabilizing the country in the long term. I’m sure there are an entire class of Americans for which such a selfish choice makes sense, but not one of them can be accused of being overly patriotic.

  12. Tano permalink

    It is kinda funny that someone endorsing the “anti-establishment” candidate tries to buttress the authority of her endorsement by pointing to her sterling establishment educational credentials.
    Do you really think, Charlotte, that your fellow Trump supporters get a thrill from knowing that a Stanford grad, and a Yale grad have joined their movement?
    It is people like you, who think your opinion deserves greater consideration than the average person’s – because of your education – that are seen as the enemy by the new “populists”.
    I am sure that they won’t turn on you just yet – no, they will gladly accept your vote. But I hope you aren’t calculating that you will be accepted as some spokesperson for the movement, given all your erudition and all….
    Those of us in the real world can suss you out pretty easily. Just another unprincipled person rolling the dice, taking a strike at today’s bright shiny object. One of the oldest stories in the world, and hardly something to get upset about.
    Catch ya on the rebound…

  13. Lastango permalink

    To illustrate a type, here’s a backhanded, pat-on-the-head smear of Trump voters as confused, bitter clingers:

    The difference with this attack is that it mollifies and cajoles in an effort to get Trump supporters to get past their moment of angry, knee-jerk befuddlement and return to trusting people who are smarter than they are to make choices for everyone.

  14. Anne eva permalink

    I think you should read the Washington post editorial today.
    Donald trump is shockingly ignorant about both domestic & foreign affairs


    Anne Eva

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