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Professor cites Title IX to get rid of…a campus mural depicting fictional profs and students

April 5, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

On UVA’s walls: wine, women, and imaginary sexual hijinx

You don’t have to be an actual human professor to get into sexual-harassment hot water for partying with your female students.

You can be a purely imaginary professor depicted in a campus mural.

Yes it’s true: There’s an ongoing campaign at the University of Virginia to get rid of a series of  wall paintings completed in 2012 by artist Lincoln Perry that depict larger-than-life male and female students and their doctoral-gowned professors carousing, tippling wine, and, in various states of dress and undress, having a debauched good time that is supposed to represent the distractions of campus life. In one of the mural panels in UVA’s Old Cabell Hall a possibly inebriated young blonde embraces one of the profs, who doesn’t seem to mind. The exuberant figures reveling against painted backdrops of classical marble temples and colonnades, look like homage to Tiepolo, an obvious influence on Perry’s work.

But at UVA, it’s Tiepolo Schmiepolo to an activist professor who wants to get rid of the murals.

“‘I think it should go,” said music professor Bonnie Gordon, who works in Old Cabell Hall and sees the mural every day. ‘It condones a certain kind of party culture in which women are depicted in ways that look problematic to me.’

“She says the most controversial panel depicts a professor and a student who ‘obviously have been doing something that would be a Title IX violation.'”

Read the whole thing here.

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