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Polls show large nos. of Americans don’t like Hillary–so pundits scramble to explain it away

May 25, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Maybe she’s just not very likeable.

The pundits are scratching their heads over why so many Americans can’t stand Hillary Clinton.


So unfair. So let’s look at the reasons the pundits are offering.

  1. Pure misogyny. That’s the lean-and-mean theory of Jack Ohman of the Sacramento Bee:

“I can only ascribe this Rage Against the Clinton Machine to misogyny….”


2. The “paradox” theory: Hillary is such a devoted public servant that we never get to see her more winsome side. That’s the idea floated by the New York Times’s David Brooks:

“The second paradox is that, agree with her or not, she’s dedicated herself to public service. From advocate for children to senator, she has pursued her vocation tirelessly. It’s not the ‘what’ that explains her unpopularity, it’s the ‘how’ — the manner in which she has done it.

“But what exactly do so many have against her?

“I would begin my explanation with this question: Can you tell me what Hillary Clinton does for fun?”

3. She’s too good for us mere mortals. Talk to CNN’s Jay Parini (writing in March) about that one:

“The main reason that Republicans, in particular, hate Clinton is that she will probably beat Trump or Cruz or anyone thrown up by the GOP in the general election.”

Read the whole thing here.

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