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Hillary’s $12,000 Armani jacket: If you say anything about it, you’re a “sexist”

June 9, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Some people will buy anything as long as it has an Armani label.

No sooner did a New York Post writer point out that Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Giorgio Armani jacket while giving a speech about economic inequality than female journalists began falling over each other pointing out how “sexist” it was to point out that Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Giorgio Armani jacket while giving a speech about economic inequality.

Here’s Rachel Lubitz lecturing us on

“What this latest instance of criticism really highlights is not just the attention that is paid toward what female politicians and public figures wear, but just how difficult it is to be deemed ‘acceptably dressed’ by the American public when you are a woman. And unfortunately, this $12,000 jacket fiasco (which is now actually a $7,000 jacket fiasco, because the jacket is now on sale) is just the latest chapter in the long, tired history of political women around the world being called out for how much they spend on their appearance.”


I myself don’t mind that Hillary dropped $12,000 (or maybe just the $7,000 sale price) on an item of clothing. She’s not exactly poor (thanks, Clinton Foundation!), and people are entitled–indeed–ought to look as good as they can afford to look. It’s…the jacket. It looks like a horse-blanket–and not just on Hillary but on the tall, gorgeous professional model who shows off the jacket on the Armani website. Indeed, the stiff, God-awful garment  looks like a little joke that the usually elegant Armani is playing on his customers to see whether they’ll fall for anything bearing an Armani label: He has paired the jacket, woven out of strips of lamb leather and silk, with some unusually ugly kakhi-colored high-water pants plus a pair of sneakers. Not exactly the look you want to project as the first woman president.

The Post reports that Hillary has hired “a team of image experts” to give her her a new, more fashionable aura. I’d fire every last one of them.

Read the whole thing here.

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