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SF Bay-area county bans fracking–even though there’s no fracking actually going on there

July 27, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

UC-Berkeley: No oil and gas, but plenty of environmentalist virtue-signaling


California’s Alameda County, across the bay from San Francisco and home of the University of California-Berkeley, has banned hydraulic fracking.

The only hitch: There is no hydraulic fracking in Alameda County, and there never has been.

So forget those visions (delightful as they might seem) of geologists blowing up the ultra-liberal UC-Berkeley campus to get at the oil and gas.

As the DC Examiner reports:

“Alameda County has only one active oil field, and no one fracks there to extract oil.”

But what Alameda County does have is plenty of self-satisfied environmentalist virtue–and where there is virtue, there is bound to be virtue-signaling. And nothing signals environmentalist virtue so strongly as a completely unnecessary fracking ban:

“Five different California counties also banned fracking, but none of them produce much oil.”

Furthermore, not only are those local fracking bans strictly symbolic, but even if they addressed a real-life issue, they would be completely useless:

“This strategy has been entirely unsuccessful in other states, as the oil and gas industry has historically been regulated by the state, not local, government.”

Read the whole thing here.

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