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Eek, a gun! Liberal fanatics go “ballistic” over Ginny Thrasher’s air-rifle gold medal

August 8, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Thrasher and weapon: Some people apparently need a trigger warning

Some tweet-samples from the liberal horror show “triggered” by Thrasher’s victory, as collected by The RightScoop:

First, some sarcasm from writer Leah McElrath:

“First #Gold medal in #Rio2016 #Olympics won by an American woman. For shooting a gun. Because of course.”

Then, when conservatives mocked McElrath, we got this response:

“I am not taking away from her accomplishment, of which she deserves to be proud.

“Next games, make de-escalation techniques a sport.”

And then the Very Hurt McElrath privatized her Twitter account–no more pain for her! But stand-up comedian Johnny Taylor, Jr. picked up the sarcasm relay race baton:

“America just won their first 2016 Olympic gold medal in rifle because of course they did.”

Tweeter FrederiKo Raivan was not to be outdone:

“Of course the first gold medal USA is for shooting. It’s practically their culture. Shooting schools. Shooting churches.”

Read the whole thing here.

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