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Aetna CEO: Young people would rather buy beer than overpriced Obamacare insurance

October 27, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:.

Tap into their brew money to spend $4,815 on Obamacare premiums?

 “‘Keg stands are crazy. Not having health insurance is crazier,’ it says next to a photo of three hard-partying guys, described as ‘bros for life.’

“‘The feedback, especially on Twitter, has been kind of off the charts, and I think we are surprised to see the Brosurance ad take off quite as much as it did,’ said Adam Fox, director of strategic engagement at the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI), which helped create the ads.

“The  ‘got insurance?’ campaign is an irreverent spoof of the iconic ‘got milk?’ ads. It’s a collaboration between CCHI and ProgressNow Colorado Education, two nonprofit advocacy groups involved in promoting enrollment under the Affordable Care Act.”

That was 2013. But now it’s 2016, and let’s see what’s happened over the past three years to the hard-partying bros for life.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“Healthier people will avoid buying Affordable Care Act health insurance plans as premiums climb, threatening the stability of the market, Aetna Chief Executive Officer Mark Bertolini said.

“‘As the rates rise, the healthier people pull out because the out-of-pocket costs aren’t worth it,’ Bertolini said at Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead Summit in New York. ‘Young people can do the math. Gas for the car, beer on Fridays and Saturdays, health insurance.'”

Read the whole thing here.

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