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Girls complain that their prestigious high school’s miniskirt ban promotes “rape culture”

October 28, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Boston Latin School.

Boston Latin School: What’s Latin for “Everything’s all about rape culture”?


Here’s what Fox News reports:

“Administrators at prestigious Boston Latin School have been embroiled in a dispute with female students over rape culture.

“And the whole thing was triggered by the school’s decision to actually enforce its longstanding dress code.”

Furthermore, the dress code itself scarcely requires the girls to don burkhas:

“It bans gang-related colors and symbols, sexually explicit logos, hemlines higher than 4 inches above the knee, and shirt-shoulder straps narrower than the width of three fingers. It also prohibits leggings worn as pants (as opposed to under a skirt or dress).”

That sounds reasonable. Try showing up at most jobs in a micro-mini and a spaghetti-strap tank top. Nonetheless, several female students at Boston Latin posted this petition:

“By allowing the school to dress code us, we are telling the school several things:

“Yes, we still live in a patriarchal society where men can decide whether a female’s clothing is appropriate or inappropriate….

“Yes, it is our fault when girls get raped because they should have covered up and avoided the situation by dressing in a way that does not attract another person.”

Let’s see–if girls supposedly get raped because they’re not “covered up,” how does requiring them to cover up encourage rape? I’m confused.

Read the whole thing here.


Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. Lastango permalink

    If the school were to fess up to the truth, their message to the girls might go like this:

    Your sexuality is coming into full bloom. Your judgement, wisdom, taste, and sense of decorum are not. If you wore uniforms, you would be rolling up the skirt waistlines until the hem was mid-thigh. If we don’t put limits on your attire you will run wild, wearing almost nothing. This will embarrass you and us, while raising a continual stream of questions and concerns that will waste everyone’s time while degrading the ability of this school to provide you with a quality education that equips you to be successful in a broad spectrum of opportunities and challenges.

    One more thing: As we go through life, we often don’t get whatever we think we want at the moment. Learn to deal with this in a mature way. For instance, you might refocus on your goals and priorities. This is called “leadership” and “character”, and if you practice these you can have them with you forever.

  2. Oleaginous Outrager permalink where petulant foot-stamping goes to live forever. Publicly.

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