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Harvard punishes men’s soccer team for rating Harvard women on 1-10 scale–back in 2012

November 4, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum

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Harvard’s current women’s soccer team: no numerical scores that we know of yet
Hasn’t every team member who helped circulate the “scouting report,” as they called it, graduated by now? Or did someone on the team flunk Chem 101 and have to put in an extra year or two? I thought everyone at Harvard got an automatic “A” because they’re all so smart….

No one in the Harvard administration has deigned to disclose exactly what evidence supports the group punishment–suspending the rest of 2016–for the team, which up until now was ranked #1 for this Ivy League season.

From an earlier Crimson report, the nine-page 2012 “scouting” document (apparently found via Google Groups) sounded like…something guys used to do when I was in college. Or like Harvardian Mark Zuckerberg’s idea for creating a website that would compare Harvard girls to farm animals and ask viewers to vote on who was most attractive. (Yes, Zuckerberg did this in real life, not just in The Social Network). Rude, crude, and un-gentlemanly, but not uncommon among exuberant young men.

Here’s what the Crimson said:

“In lewd terms, the author of the report individually evaluated each female recruit, assigning them numerical scores and writing paragraph-long assessments of the women. The document also included photographs of each woman, most of which, the author wrote, were culled from Facebook or the Internet….

“Each woman was assigned a hypothetical sexual “position” in addition to her position on the soccer field….

“The author also assigned each woman a nickname, calling one woman ‘Gumbi’ because ‘her gum to tooth ratio is about 1 to 1.’

“’For that reason I am forced to rate her a 6,’ the author added.”


Soon after the story broke, the six female team members who had been “evaluated” in 2012  (and graduated in 2016) wrote a collective op-ed for the Crimson indicating that all had likely majored in women’s studies at Harvard:

“We are appalled that female athletes who are told to feel empowered and proud of their abilities are so regularly reduced to a physical appearance. We are distraught that mothers having daughters almost a half century after getting equal rights have to worry about men’s entitlement to bodies that aren’t theirs.”

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. David permalink

    These girls should relocate to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or Somalia where there deep distress will be personally addressed.

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