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She’s back! Barbara Bush-bashing prof returns to class wearing cow costume seemingly honoring commie dairy farmer who bailed out Angela Davis

September 12, 2018

Photo of Randa Jarrar's return to a Fresno State classroom

Photo: Jahz Tello for GV Wire

Remember Randa Jarrar?

She’s the creative-writing professor at taxpayer-subsidized California State University-Fresno who tweeted this when former First Lady Barbara Bush died on April 17: “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F— outta here with your nice words”

Another Jarrar tweet emerging from her five-hour Twitter rant:  “I’m happy the witch is dead. can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeee.” Another tweet reminded followers that she makes a cool $100,000-plus teaching how to write creatively (at your expense, California taxpayers!), and that as a tenured professor, she “will never be fired.” In addition, she tweeted her supposed phone number, which was actually the number of a suicide-prevention hotline at Arizona State University that got so flooded with angry calls that people in genuine suicide crises couldn’t get through.

True enough. Fresno State president Joseph Castro deemed that Jarrar did her Twitter rant on her own time and not in her classroom, so, despite numerous calls for her canning, there wouldn’t be any disciplinary action against her (Castro never got around to discussing Jarrar’s abuse of the suicide hotline). But she quickly disappeared on a “medical leave” that lasted through the official first week of classes this fall at Fresno State–until she finally made it (better late than never!)–to her Masterpieces of American Literature class at Fresno State on Sept. 5.

From Fresno Observer editor Guillermo Moreno:

Fresno State University (CSU Fresno) had four staff members stationed at multiple entrances of the Leon S. Peters Business Building beginning at 9:30 AM for her 10:00 AM class. Nine supporters of Randa Jarrar were wearing wigs and carrying a sign saying “We [Heart] Randa Jarrar” and escorted the professor to her class, which was planned ahead of time.

Jararr was dancing to a supporter singing “F*** you and your neo-Nazi Friends, I hope it all comes crashing down, F*** you and your neo-Nazi Friends” in the hallway before entering into her course late….

Fresno State expended resources thinking anti-Jarrar protesters would show up and cause harm, but the only disruption was the foul-mouthed Jararr supporter signing and yelling “F*** you” in the hallway.

It seems that Jarrar, although born in Chicago and living most of her life right here in the U.S., is actually an activist for Arab-descent “brown people,” as she calls them. She’s famous for her 2014 Salon essays “Why I Can’t Stand White Belly Dancers” and “I Still Can’t Stand White Belly Dancers,” both denouncing women of Western European descent who dare to get pleasure out of traditional Middle-Eastern dance: “cultural appropriation.” In July 2018 she roused herself from her medical leave to demand on Twitter that “white editors” resign from their “positions of power” at magazines. She had earlier made a video in which she seemed to be biting that hand that fed her in the intensely agricultural California Central Valley where Fresno State is located:

“A lot of the farmers now are Trump supporters and just f—ing stupid,” she says, adding that she “can’t f—ing stand the white, hetero-patriarchy.”

But at her dramatic return to campus on Sept. 5 Jarrar seemed to hold out the olive branch to at least one Central Valley farmer. As reported by the Observer‘s Moreno, she told the press:

[Fresno] is the land that freed Angela Davis, in 1970 when she went up for bail . . . she was finally brought for bail, and Aretha Franklin was supposed to bail her out . . . and she couldn’t because she was in the West Indies doing a concert, so who bailed her out? A farmer from Fresno, a white farmer from Fresno bailed Angela Davis out of jail by putting up his dairy farm as collateral to get her out of jail, that’s the beautiful history of Fresno.”

That dairy farmer would be Roger McAfee of Carruthers, California, and here’s what the Jewish Telegraphic Agency had to say about him:

Roger McAfee, the dairy farmer who put up part of his land as collateral for Angela Davis’ $102,500 bond, says Hitler “hated Jews from his youth because of their racism,” views Israel’s kibbutzim as “a tool of the (Israel) capitalistic structure,” and discloses that in 1970 he worked as a spy for Syria pinpointing locations of Israel’s defense installations in the Sinai.

These statements were made by McAfee in an interview with Rasa Gustaitis and published in yesterday’s edition of The Washington Post….

Gustaitis, who described McAfee as “a living paradox,” noted that the dairy farmer is “an opponent of the Vietnam war,” “a professed Communist who is proud of the shrewd way he practices capitalism,” and as “an idealist who bounced around the world trying to start cooperatives yet is viewed by his neighbors as a hard landlord and bad credit risk.”

Davis, a communist herself at the time, had been charged with first-degree murder and other crimes for buying the guns used in a 1970 Black Panther courtroom shootout that resulted in the death of a judge trying another Black Panther case and three other people. Davis was acquitted after a 1972 trial in which the jury found insufficient evidence to connect her weapons purchase to the subsequent homicides.

For her dramatic return to academia, Jarrar seemed to pay homage to McAfee. She donned a dress for the occasion whose piebald black spots on a white background resembled nothing so much as the hide of a Holstein, the world’s top dairy-producing cow.

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