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Vassar freshman-orientation handout tells students that Christians are an oppressor group

September 27, 2018

Vassar College makes it clear what many people suspect: Academics really can’t stand Christians.

Campus Reform reports on an “oppression”-focused “activity sheet” that incoming freshman were required to fill out as part of their orientation sessions this year:

The handout, “We Are Vassar Foundational Language Sheet” asks students to fill-in-the-blank using a word bank of various identities to fill columns labeled “Social Identity,” “Targeted Group,” “Privileged Group,” and “System of Oppression.”….

The sheet defines “Systems of Oppression” as an “application of power and privilege where one group benefits at the expense of another” and defines “privilege” as “a set of unearned advantages and benefits.”

From the appearance of the handout, it was a “match the oppressor to the oppressed” game where students got a grid and a word-list of identity affiliations and were supposed to decide who belonged to a “targeted group,” who belonged to a “privileged group” and then figure out what the “system of oppression” was. You can guess what some of the categories were: “fat,” “thin,” “disabled,” “white,” “Muslim,” etc.–and also guess which systems of oppression you were supposed to assign them to: “racism,” “sexism,” “xenophobia,” “Eurocentric patriarchy,” etc.

Campus Reform says it got the sheet from a anonymous Vassar student:

“Although real racism and sexism exist, and definitely not to the extent that they are purported to exist by the left and this college faculty. It is absurd to claim, for example, that the thin are oppressing the fat, and to make us believe that eurocentric patriarchy is to blame,” the anonymous student told Campus Reform.

“Perhaps the college could have given us greater room for discussion, such as by asking us whether we agree that these systems of oppression exist or giving us an opposing viewpoint to this ideology,” the student added.

What’s interesting about this little exercise in student brainwashing is that Vassar administrators had pre-filled-in some of the blanks on the grid–either to help the students along because maybe you don’t need much of an SAT score to get into Vassar, or because they didn’t want smartypants 18-year-olds coming up with politically incorrect categorizations that might make people laugh.

One of the pre-filled-in “systems of oppression” was something that Vassar administrators called “Christian Hegemony.” Indeed, “Christian Hegemony” got two pre-fill-ins, beating out “xenophobia,” “Eurocentric Patriarchy,” and Homophobia/Biphobia,” all of which got just one pre-fill-in apiece. Only “Racism” got as many pre-fill-ins–two–as “Christian Hegemony.”

And just to make it crystal-clear, the administrators pre-filled-in “Christians” as the “privileged group” next to one of the “Christian Hegemony” pre-fill-ins. The word bank contained only three religious-identity categories: “Christians,” “Muslim,” and “Buddhist.”

That meant that students had no choice but to fill in “Muslim” and “Buddhist” as the “targeted groups” of “Christian Hegemony”–unless they wanted to look really dumb by claiming that Christians oppress fat people.

Vassar seems a tad embarrassed by the activity sheet. Its spokesman told Campus Reform that the $51,000-a-year college is “determining whether to continue to use this document in the future.”

I wouldn’t be so hasty, Vassar. Because the handout proves one important thing: Academics really can’t stand Christians.

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