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New York Times–or Onion? Endless breast-beating op-ed by guy who purports to be a philosophy professor hauls out every “toxic masculinity” cliche in the book

October 25, 2018
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New York Times or Onion? Readers, you make the call!

This piece, headlined “#IAmSexist,” purports to be an NYT op-ed by George Yancy, philosophy professor at Emory University–but I’m not sure:

In fact, silence has become the default stance of many men who consider themselves “allies” of women. But given all that has transpired, staying out of it is no longer enough.

I’ve decided not to cut corners. So, join me, with due diligence and civic duty, and publicly claim: I am sexist!

In fact, perhaps it is time that we lay claim to a movement — #IamSexist. Think about its national and international implications as we take responsibility for our sexism, our misogyny, our patriarchy.

Mmm, I say standard-issue New York Times breast-beating, virtue-signaling op-ed male wuss…

But there’s more:

I, for instance, would like to think that I possess genuine feminist bona fides, but who am I kidding? I am a failed and broken feminist. More pointedly, I am sexist. There are times when I fear for the “loss” of my own “entitlement” as a male. Toxic masculinity takes many forms. All forms continue to hurt and to violate women.

Kind of sliding toward Onion, don’t you think?

And how about this? Total Onion!

For example, before I got married, I insisted that my wife take my last name. After all, she was to become my wife. So, why not take my name, and become part of me? She refused. She wanted to keep her own last name, arguing that a woman taking her husband’s name was a patriarchal practice. I was not happy, especially as she had her father’s last name, which I argued contradicted her position against patriarchy. But as she argued, “This is my name and it is part of my identity.” I became stubborn and interpreted her decision as evidence of a lack of full commitment to me. Well, she brilliantly proposed that we both change our last names and take on a new name together showing our commitment to each other.

Despite the charity, challenge and reasonableness of the offer, I dropped the ball. That day I learned something about me. I didn’t respect her autonomy, her legal standing and personhood. As pathetic as this may sound, I saw her as my property, to be defined by my name and according to my legal standing. (She kept her name.)

Now this could go either way:

When I was about 15 years old, I said to a friend of mine, “Why must you always look at a girl’s butt?” He promptly responded: “Are you gay or something? What else should I look at, a guy’s butt?” He was already wearing the mask. He had already learned the lessons of patriarchal masculinity. I was in an unfortunate bind. Either I should without question objectify girls’ behinds or I was gay. There was no wiggle room for me to be both antisexist and antimisogynistic and yet a heterosexual young boy. You see, other males had rewarded his gaze by joining in the objectifying practice: “Look at that butt!” It was a collective act of devaluation. The acts of soul murder had already begun.

Ha ha–“objectify girls’ behinds”! I love that one! Onion-worthy to be sure!

But then again, only the New York Times would use a fancy metaphoric phrase like “soul murder.” And also “dominant phallic economy,” which appears a little farther down in this op-ed. Really! You can’t get more intellectual and New York Times-y than that.

Still, I’m leaning toward Onion. Because here come, down a few graphs…Brett Kavanaugh and the alleged assault victim of his teen years, Christine Blasey Ford. Now we know that the New York Times has already put Kavanaugh everywhere in the newspaper except maybe the food section, so this has got to be a parody:

The history of toxic and violent masculinity should have been enough for us to give full weight to the reasonableness and believability of Ford’s testimony. But we did not….

I can imagine being passionate about defending myself if put in Kavanaugh’s position. Kavanaugh, however, unabashedly reinforced white male machismo and aggressiveness such that even if one thinks that he is innocent of what Ford accused him of, he put on full display the performance of a cantankerous white male who is recklessly determined to seek revenge against those he claimed were out to get him.

And that’s why, when all is said and done, I vote Onion. How about you, dear readers?

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  1. Steve Sailer permalink

    George Yancy, according to his bio in the NY Times: “has written, edited and co-edited numerous books, including “Black Bodies, White Gazes,” “Look, a White!” and “Pursuing Trayvon Martin””

    Here’s his hilarious interview with Peter Singer in the NYT:

    • Ha ha! But that “interview” with Singer got Yancy boosted from Duquesne philosophy professor to Emory philosophy professor! Next: Yancy “interviews” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk and goes all the way to the Harvard philosophy department!

  2. Yes, the Onion could report on many of the antics of the radical left, and it wouldn’t be fake news.

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