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Out: Social-justice witchcraft. In: Social-Justice astrology

November 20, 2018
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Out: Social-justice witchcraft:

The government is gridlocked, climate genocide looms, and, almost without our noticing, profoundly unnatural technologies have inserted themselves — malevolently, in now seems — into every corner our lives. There is a sense that today’s problems are so entrenched that it will take something otherworldly to fix them.

Enter the witch.

In: Social-justice astrology:

[Chani] Nicholas, 42, is transforming horoscopes from generalizations about finding true love and stumbling into financial good fortune to pointed calls to action with a left-leaning, social-justice agenda. Based in Los Angeles, she has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and a blog with as many as one million monthly readers. She weaves activism into the majority of her writing, appealing to a generation particularly interested in issues like racism, sexism and gun control.

Nicholas used last November’s mercury retrograde to urge her followers to contact the FCC prior to its vote on net neutrality. She wrote about the new moon in Scorpio representing the need to heal during the initial wave of sexual assault accusations in Hollywood. She’s posted about DACA and the border wall and has even been promoting an online tool called FreeFrom, which was started by her wife Sonya Passi to help victims of domestic violence understand how to pursue financial compensation.

The problem with witchcraft is that it’s so…October 2018. That was when a coven of about 50 witches gathered in a Brooklyn occult bookstore to put a hex on the newly installed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Guess what the effect was? Nada. Despite all the chanting and the nails stuck into the penis-shaped candle symbolizing the evil white male high-court jurist, he’s still there.

And so is Donald Trump, the president who appointed him, along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, currently poised to shepherd still more evil judges to the highest court in the land. Both had their own nail-jabbed penis candles at the Brooklyn hex on Oct. 21–to no avail.

But it’s now November 2018, the sun is in Scorpio, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Uranus is in Taurus, and it’s time for some better social-justice magic. And so we have this eerie Nov. 8 interview with Chani Nicholas on Rewire the same day that Nicholas was slated to receive an award from the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

RW: How would you tie this current socio-political era to past eras astrologically?

CN: Well, you would take a specific topic whether it’s something to do with gender-based violence, war, or fascism being on the rise. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 83 years ago and that was the rise of fascism in Germany.

Mmm, just like…

Astrologers study these cycles and many noticed that Uranus was going to come back around this time. At the same time, Pluto is in Capricorn, which is where it was when the United States was born.


Now, if you click onto Nicholas’s website, you might be tempted to think that astrology is just so much woo. What’s this about “retrogrades”? Didn’t Galileo get burned at the stake or something for denying all that stuff?

But then you read this:

We are, as a global community, awakening to so much, so quickly. Coming to consciousness is not an easy, feel-good experience. We are in the process of trying to grapple with a tremendously long and brutal history, while trying to create a kinder, less harmful current reality.

And you just know that Nicholas is onto something. As Vice recently reported:

Over the past two to three years, astrology has shifted from being a niche interest to a major point of enthusiasm for many women and queer people. Broadly, VICE’s channel geared towards women and the LGBTQ community, gets a huge amount of traffic from astrological features and horoscopes. Other media platforms for women have noticeably ramped up astrology content from filler to the forefront. In the UK, Google searches for “birth chart” doubled between November of 2013 and November of 2018. Since September of 2017, there’s been a steady increase in people searching “astrological compatibility”. All that interest has given publishing a boost: sales of mind, body and spirit books are booming; in 2017, sales rose by 13 percent in just a year.

Social-justice witchcraft was way back in October. Social-justice astrology is now.

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