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Crazy rich Clintons: Hillary hoofs it to Bollywood hits at $100 million wedding hosted by India billionaire and major Clinton Foundation donor

December 14, 2018
Ho Bhangra taan sajda
When we fly like a kite
Bhangra taan sajda kite
Bhangra oye…
Fellow former secretaries of state Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were filmed dancing to Bollywood hits during the lavish and star-studded wedding in India hosted this week by the country’s richest family.

The occasion: the marriage of Isha Ambani, the daughter of Mukesh Ambani (whose wealth is valued around $43 billion), to developer Anand Piramal.

Clinton’s attendance, along with that of confidant Huma Abedin, was reported earlier this week. But a video has since surged through Indian media showing Clinton and Kerry getting down on the dance floor with none other than Bollywood mega-star Shah Rukh Khan – who can be seen reaching out for Clinton’s hand and whispering something in her ear that prompts a hearty laugh.

The presence of Clinton and Abedin is unsurprising since the bride’s father has been working with the Clinton family’s foundation for years, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the nonprofit.

The multi-day extravaganza has so far featured a performance by Beyoncé and the attendance of numerous other celebrities.

Talli saare ke saare hon
Lage India bhi Amsterdam
O Bhangra taan sajda
When no one gives a damn
Bhangra taan sajda
When no one gives a damn
Bhangra ta sajda oye!

Their weeklong bash is said to include at least five events, and there has been much speculation about the cost of luxury hotel rooms, chartered flights, catered meals and entertainment. Bloomberg reported an estimate of $100 million, but a person close to the family has disputed that number. Calculations based on publicly available prices suggest a bill closer to $15 million.

Prince Harry’s wedding to the American actress Meghan Markle cost $40 million in a country where labor costs are much higher….

One wedding guest, who did not want to be identified discussing the Ambani family’s private affairs, said that invitations came in a Dolce & Gabbana box, adorned with pink and gold lace and detachable chains that could be worn as jewelry….

The wedding ceremony is planned for Wednesday at Mukesh Ambani’s 27-story home, which towers over southern Mumbai and includes a six-level parking garage and three helipads. (Mrs. Clinton dined at the tower in March while visiting the city to speak at a conference, the Indian news media reported.)….
Not everyone in India is excited; some critics said on social media that the extravaganza was unseemly in a country with so much poverty.
A report last month by the Paris-based World Inequality Lab found that the richest 10 percent of India’s population controlled 63 percent of its wealth in 2012, up from 45 percent in 1981.
Bhangra ta sajda
When no one gives a damn, Bhangra!
O Bhangra…
O Bhangra taan sajda
When no one gives a damn, Bhangra!
O Bhangra…
Bhangra taa sajda
O Bhangra taan sajda
O Bhangra taan sajda….
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