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Me for the Wall Street Journal: Prof whose hoax got a chapter of “Mein Kampf” accepted by a feminist journal in trouble for researching on human subjects–that is, journal editors

January 29, 2019

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Me for the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Boghossian—along with two confederates, neither of whom has an academic affiliation—set out to expose shoddy scholarship in what they call “grievance studies.” They concocted 20 pseudonymous “academic papers,” complete with fake data, and submitted them to leading peer-reviewed scholarly journals in fields like “queer studies” and “fat studies.” The Journal’s Jillian Melchior discovered the deception last summer and broke the story in October, by which time seven of the phony papers had been accepted for publication and four published.
“It had to be done,” Mr. Boghossian tells me. “We saw what was happening in these fields, and we were horrified at the faulty epistemology that these people were using to credential themselves and teach others.” The effort drew praise from some well-known public intellectuals, including Richard Dawkins, Jordan Peterson and Steven Pinker.
Mr. Boghosian said in October that he expected to face disciplinary action and maybe to lose his job. He quickly came under fire from Portland State colleagues—one of whom, social-work professor Stéphanie Wahab, is a co-editor of Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, which accepted an article titled “Our Struggle Is My Struggle.” It consisted in part of a chapter of “Mein Kampf” with feminist buzzwords swapped in for Hitler’s anti-Semitisms. In an anonymous letter to the student newspaper, a dozen professors accused him of “chronic and pathological, unscholarly behavior.
Read the whole thing here.
Update: Thanks for the shout-out, Instapundit!
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