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Out: “Abortion is a women’s issue.” In: Saying “women’s issue” is cis-normative hate speech–what about trans men who get abortions?

March 13, 2019

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And you thought abortion was all about a “woman’s right to choose.”

Hah! Rewire‘s s.e. smith sets you straight: “Women Are Not the Only Ones Who Get Abortions.”

While their numbers are relatively small—so small that it is difficult to get statistics, for example, on how many men receive abortions each year—they are not insignificant.

Ah, men having abortions! Gives new meaning to Gloria Steinem’s famous statement: “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

Of course the word “men” to s.e. smith doesn’t quite mean what it does to you or Gloria.

So s.e. smith has a complaint: Why do those darned abortion clinics keep calling themselves “women’s” centers?

[S]ome trans people who need access to abortion funds and other supports may be put off by “women’s” branding, feeling either that it is not for them or that the subsequent dysphoria created by the implied misgendering is not worth it. Consequently, the experience of abortion can become something deeply isolating and alienating.

And we can’t have people thinking that abortion is “alienating.”

For some, the experience of exclusion can be so souring that it makes them reluctant to work in solidarity with people defending abortion access in the name of “women.” This deprives the movement of incredibly skilled and valuable advocates who feel they, their loved ones, and the people they act in solidarity with aren’t welcome at the table.

Heaven knows the abortion movement needs every trans man it can get.

It’s dismaying to see people continue treating abortion as a “women’s issue” after years of a steady shift towards regarding it as a larger reproductive justice issue.

Of course I’m still confused about how or why trans men get pregnant in the first place. Wouldn’t they have to be gay trans men? But according to Andrew Sullivan:

[I] it is not transphobic for a gay man not to be attracted to a trans man. It is close to definitional. The core of the traditional gay claim is that there is indeed a very big difference between male and female, that the difference matters, and without it, homosexuality would make no sense at all.

But maybe s.e. smith knows something that Andrew and I don’t.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. In the past, these transactivists would have instead mastered several languages, remaining comfortable in their skin yet gainfully employed. Instead, they confect language.

  2. Jennifer Chatterjee permalink

    This is a joke right? This can’t be what’s in?!! There are so many more serious and important things that are going on in our country and in the world. This is noise. This affects a minuscule minutia of trans woman-to-man population. I am sick and tired of giving this kind of crap the attention it doesn’t deserve!!!!!

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