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Is Jezebel a Trump stealth site? Buttigieg: “extremely annoying”; Biden: “keep him away from women!” Bernie: “You know him from the last time! He’s from Vermont!”

June 20, 2019
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Photo: New York Post

Is Jezebel running a stealth campaign to get Donald Trump re-elected as president?

Here’s Jezebel on Dem contender South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg:

The first thing that made me go, Oh f[—], I kind of like Pete, was an interview he did with NowThis, in which he shares that he doesn’t think a hot dog is a sandwich! That he used to be a dog sitter and loves his dogs! That he’s a nail biter, just like me! That his husband Chasten says he is a loud chewer….

It turns out it’s easy to like Buttigieg, even when he comes off as extremely annoying (see: the didgeridoo and the curated whiskey collection while at Harvard, and the seemingly endless interviews in which he talks about his love for James Joyce). Buttigieg gets teary and emotional when talking about gun violence and school shootings, as he did during a recent campaign stop in Austin. His two dogs, Buddy and Truman, are adorable rescues; his husband Chasten, an extremely friendly teacher, comes off in profiles of the two as the more vibrant, lovingly exasperated foil to Buttigieg’s more measured calm. (“It’s sort of like always being in grad school,” Chasten has said of being married to Mayor Pete, which, ouch but also awww?)

Here’s Jezebel on Dem contender former Obama-era HUD chief Julián Castro:

But it’s his mom Rosie Castro, a former activist with the Chicanx rights organization La Raza Unida, that I really love. “When I grew up I learned that the ‘heroes’ of the Alamo were a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them,” she told the New York Times Magazine in a 2010 profile of her son. Julian, more of your f[—]ing awesome mom, please!

Here’s Jezebel on Dem contender former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper:

He did admit to once watching porn with his mom, which is a deeply weird anecdote to tell an audience of prospective voters. He also divulged, in his 2016 memoir, how hard it was for him to lose his virginity.

Here’s Jezebel on Dem contender Ted Cruz-loser Beto O’Rourke:

O’Rourke was such a catalyzing figure in the state that, after losing to Cruz, he could have continued to ride that genuinely moving grassroots enthusiasm to do any number of things to further the project of unlocking Texas from a Republican death grip: he could have challenged John Cornyn for his Senate seat in 2020 or spent time in the state helping to build out the political infrastructures that might help a more progressive candidate win any number of things in the future. Instead, he ran for president on a platform of—what, exactly? Your aunt’s friend Lisa wanting to f[—] him? Thanks for nothing, Beto!

Here’s Jezebel on Dem contender former veep Joe Biden:

Maybe he’ll win this thing. Just keep him away from women! After Lucy Flores accused Biden of smelling her hair and kissing her on the head, three more women came forward alleging that Biden made them uncomfortable. In response, Biden said that “social norms […] have shifted,” and promised to be more “mindful” of personal space.

Here’s Jezebel on Dem contender Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders:

You know this guy from the last time! He’s from Vermont! He wants everyone to have free healthcare and college! HIs hair is soft like candy floss, birds love him, he yells an awful lot, and even though he tried this s[—] the last time around, he’s still ready and raring to give it another go.

With friends like Jezebel, what Democratic presidential candidate needs enemies? So I’m deeming Jezebel a Trump stealth site that’s definitely to be watched as 2020 approaches.

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