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Annals of journalistic fawning: Megan Rapinoe wears wardrobe-malfunctioning tux jacket, leather shorts, rumpled white socks–and gets lauded in the press as a style icon

July 12, 2019
Photo: Getty/Jezebel
Leather shorts, rumpled white socks, wardrobe-malfunctioning tux jacket with nothing on underneath–Megan Rapinoe isn’t just a Trump-dissing soccer superstar. According to our press ladies, she’s a fashion icon!
From top to bottom: her lavender locks, her open-breasted blazer top (satin lapels! no shirt!), those leather shorts, the white socks that very well could’ve come from Costco for all I know, those flat black oxfords. She has somehow made sexy the stupid shit AC/DC used to wear. In addition to being a modern day hero, I’m brave enough to reveal, she has become a style icon. I am moved. And I am now on the hunt for pleather shorts. They’re appropriate for no weather, but they look incredible nonetheless. Plus, I’m sure when you’re as talented as these women, you don’t get swamp ass. And if that’s not the American Dream, I don’t know what is.
What’s summer looking like for you? Weddings? Rooftop parties? Maybe you’re just a fan of upscale dressing. Whatever the case, there’s going to be an occasion (or 10) that calls for a formal look, and Megan Rapinoe has decided to steer you in the right direction (as if she hasn’t done enough already)….

A walking-wardrobe-malfunction-waiting-to-happen (which, in fact, did happen, only increasing Rapinoe’s street cred) the athlete’s tuxedo jacket was distinctly sexy, featuring satin lapels plunging down to her navel. But that’s not all, she paired the outerwear-sans-underwear moment with Coach pleather box shorts, and forwent heels like a boss with flat Oxford shoes and white socks.

Ladies, forget your floral maxis. Wave goodbye to those satin gowns. It’s even time to leave behind those ’70s-inspired special occasion jumpsuits. This is the future, and you heard it from Rapinoe first.

Only slightly less manic than the above two: Ella Chochrek of Yahoo News:

Megan Rapinoe just keeps winning. In addition to notching yet another trophy at the ESPY Awards last night in L.A. — she and the rest of the U.S. Women’s National Team won the Best Team award — Rapinoe put together a winning outfit.

The 34-year-old skipped the red carpet, but she wowed onstage in a plunging black blazer and leather shorts, both by Coach. The USWNT captain teamed the menswear-inspired ensemble with black lace-up shoes by Christian Louboutin, adding a glamorous touch to her look with Beladora jewelry.

Bustle’s Marlen Komar sticks more to vintage fashion-speak:
The whole look was sophisticated and sporty. The tailored blazer had satin lapels and plunged down to the waist. Rapinoe skipped a formal white button down, and instead decorated her bare neck with layers of gold chains. The athlete then paired the blazer with a pair of Coach leather shorts. Skipping heels, Rapinoe opted for a pair of black oxford shoes and white socks that went over the ankle.
Co-captain Megan was the first to rush up to the stage and take the trophy from the actress, and viewers were obsessed with the unique outfit she wore during the show — Coach Fall 2019 leather shorts paired with a plunging black blazer!
Gee, I can’t wait to show up for my next social event with my boobs falling out and my knees so flattered by that shorts-and-white-socks combo.
Posted by Charlotte Allen

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