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“Mary Pete”: TNR pulled the article, but let’s face it–the South Bend mayor really is kind of a sap

July 16, 2019
PB – 2018 – 3 (Chasten)
“Mary Pete”! Already half the internet is wishing it had thought of that one before gay author Dale Peck did.

Here’s Peck’s New Republic article, “My Mayor Pete Problem”–archived because pulled faster than feathers in a chicken-plucking contest by its red-faced editors.

Half the article isn’t even about openly gay South Bend mayor and Dem presidential contender Pete Buttigieg. It’s a rambling NSFW-on-steroids screed about author Peck himself, and how he was so gay-hot at age 24 that he was chased down the street in 1992 by some other gay guy whose hairstyle didn’t appeal to him.

Also something about how you’re not authentically gay unless you go home at age 15 with a 50-year-old man–or at least think about it–and how you’ve got to try the “Lucky Pierre” (look that one up in the Urban Dictionary–or, actually, don’t, please). Also, to be authentically gay, you’ve got to be all in for open borders, busting capitalism, unlimited abortion, and the rest of the list of woke sacred cows. (I don’t get why men who don’t want to impregnate women are so crazy about un-impregnating them–why do they care?)

But then again, hidden way in the depths of Peck’s indecorous rant are these observations (I’m bowdlerizing them because really…):

The only thing that distinguishes the mayor of South Bend from all those other well-educated reasonably intelligent white dudes who wanna be president is what he does with his [OK, Dale, censorship time]….

I actually want to tell Mary Pete to take a good hard look at his world, at his experiences and his view of the public good as somehow synonymous with his own success, and I want him to reject it. I want to do this not because I have any particular desire to hurt his feelings, but because I made a similar journey, or at least started out from a similar place, and I was lucky enough to realize (thank you, feminism; thank you, ACT UP) that the only place that path leads is a gay parody of heteronormative bourgeois domesticity: the “historic” home, the “tasteful” decor,…the two- or four- or six-pack depending on how often you can get to the gym and how much you hate yourself, the theatre (always spelled with an -re) subscription, the opera subscription, the ballet subscription, the book club, the AKC-certified toy dog with at least one charming neurosis and/or dietary tic, the winter vacation to someplace “tropical,” the summer vacation to someplace “cultural,” the specialty kitchen appliances—you just have to get a sous vide machine, it changed our life!

Yup, Dale, you may be an exhibitionist jerk, but you’ve hit the Buttigieg nail on the head: Mayor Pete’s problem isn’t that he’s gay but that he’s a sap. The pleading eyes, the imaginary feud with Mike Pence, the overnight capitulation to Black Lives Matter via a multi-billion-dollar affirmative action-cum-handouts plan that will likely do zero to improve the lives of most African-Americans.

Also this:

Their marriage is at once banal and extraordinary, infused with the exuberant contentment of two people who once thought they would always be alone. Chasten handles the dogs, the shopping, the cooking. Pete does the dishes, laundry and garbage. Chasten hates taking the bin out to the curb. Pete hates the way Chasten folds T-shirts. Chasten gets grumpy when they go too long without food, and Pete doesn’t get it. “You’re like, ‘Oh, here, I packed a bag of almonds and a thing of beef jerky,’” Chasten says. “I hate nuts, and he eats nuts all the time.”

Yeah, it’s just like that with Kamala Harris and her husband!

Plus, I’ve got to hand some bonus points to Peck for this:

He asked how I could hate the New Yorker and I told him that besides the fact that the New Yorker published shitty fiction (plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose)….

Another nail hit right on the head.

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