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Woke Harvard law prof trashes late boss Scalia for being mean to transgender women–then loses job, $3.2M home, and kids’ cat in scam allegedly perped by…transgender woman

July 24, 2019

Photo: Harvard Law School

Karma’s a bitch.

On Feb. 27, 2016, two weeks after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, one of his former clerks, liberal Harvard law professor Bruce Hay, wrote this “obit” for his former boss for Salon:

Antonin Scalia generally detested science. It threatened everything he believed in….Scientists should be listened to only if they supported conservative causes, for example dubious studies purporting to demonstrate that same-sex parenting is harmful to children. Scientists were also good if they helped create technologies he liked, such as oil drills and deadly weapons….

Anyway, about his contribution to physics. I am close to one of the victims of his operation, a transgender woman named Mischa Haider, whom I got to know during the course of her work on a Ph.D. in physics at Harvard. She’s an extraordinary polymath — gifted violinist, writer and novelist; fluent speaker of a half-dozen languages; math genius. And physicist. Her intellect would have made our brilliant Justice want to hide his head in a bag, to borrow his charming words from last year’s marriage equality ruling. Those who have any doubt about trans mothers should meet Mischa’s children….

She’s decided to leave academic physics after finishing the doctorate. She has become too absorbed in the struggle for equality – for being accorded the most basic human dignity – to think of anything else. She could not live with herself, she tells me, if she did not devote her talents to helping the many trans women whose lives are decimated by the bigotry and ignorance of those around them. Bigotry and ignorance inflamed by demagogues like Antonin Scalia, whose toxic rhetoric has done so much to incite and legitimate fear of gender nonconformity and elevate it to the level of constitutional principle.

If you’re a woke liberal like Professor Hay, de mortuis conservativis nil nisi malum. Even though, as Hay admitted in the article, Scalia “loved his clerks and helped them get dream jobs.” Such as teaching at Harvard? Some gratitude, Professor Hay.

The mills of the gods grind slowly, but on July 23, 2019, they ground out this story in The Cut:

It was just supposed to have been a quick Saturday-morning errand to buy picture hooks. On March 7, 2015, Harvard Law professor Bruce Hay, then 52, was in Tags Hardware in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near his home, when a young woman with long reddish-brown hair approached him to ask where she could find batteries. It was still very much winter, and, once the woman got his attention, he saw that underneath her dark woolen coat and perfectly tied scarf she was wearing a dress and a chic pair of boots — hardly typical weekend-errand attire in the New England college town. When he directed her to another part of the store, she changed the subject. “By the way, you’re very attractive,” he remembers her saying.

“Sorry, I’m married,” he responded impulsively. It wasn’t exactly true — Hay has been legally divorced since 1999, but he lives with his ex-wife, Jennifer Zacks, an assistant U.S. Attorney in Boston, and their two young children…..

She told him her name was Maria-Pia Shuman, that she was born in France but her father was the American songwriter Mort Shuman, and that she was in town from Paris, en route to New York….

She was now 32, an accountant with young children. Hay says she told him she had two toddlers she was co-parenting with an ex-wife, who lived in London. File under friendship, Hay thought. Shuman also told him about the friend she was staying with, Mischa Haider, a brilliant trans woman pursuing a doctorate in physics at Harvard who was struggling with crippling depression….

Over the next four years, the law professor would be drawn into a “campaign of fraud, extortion, and false accusations,” as one of his lawyers would later say in legal proceedings. At one point, Hay’s family would be left suddenly homeless. At another, owing to what his lawyer has described as the “weaponiz[ation] of the university’s Title IX machinery against Hay,” he would find himself indefinitely suspended from his job. He would accrue over $300,000 in legal bills with no end to the litigation in sight….

Yup–because even though Hay thought File under friendship about Shuman, one of her first actions was to move him right out of the friend zone and into the Hot Night in a Cambridge Hotel zone. And then inform him that she was pregnant (her son was born the following January). But here’s what happens when you’re as woke a law professor as Hay:

Zacks pushed Hay to ask for a paternity test, but Hay wouldn’t have it. Not only did he trust Shuman, he felt it would have been insulting for a heterosexual cisgender man to question a professed lesbian as to whether she’d had sex with other men.

Mmm, that’s wokeness squared! Furthermore, while it seemed that Shuman and Haider were supposed to be a lesbian item:

Haider’s boyfriend [Andrew] Klein, Hay later discovered, also helped raise the children, who refer to him as “Daddy.”

But Hay was smitten:

Hay wanted both families to meet, certain that they could find a way to make peace. “I had this crazy idea that everyone could get along, that Jennifer would like them,” he says. He wouldn’t sacrifice his existing family, but he didn’t want to abandon the family he believed he was building with the women.

Zacks never  did get on board with the Modern Family thing, and when she noticed in December 2016  that Hay had an application for taking out a $500,000 home-equity loan on their $3.2 million Cambridge house, she got him to sign over his interest to her alone.

Needless to say, Shuman, according to Hay, got hold of Hay’s Harvard computer password–with his woke consent, of course. And his credit card numbers. And in July 2017, while Zacks was in Spain with the couple’s children, and Hay, Haider, and Shuman had been vacationing together in Quebec:

….Hay and Zacks’s beautiful Italianate home on a quiet corner of Mount Vernon Street had been emptied of his family’s furniture, cookware, toys, documents, books, Zacks’s mother’s and grandmother’s heirlooms — and everything replaced with the women’s furniture. When Shuman had gone MIA in Quebec, Hay believes, she wasn’t seeing a doctor. She’d been overseeing the complicated move, all $10,000 of which had been charged to Hay’s credit card.

It took more than two months for Zacks to get the women evicted from the house so she and her children could move back in.

But the house incident would turn out to be only phase one. In spring 2018, the women filed restraining orders against Hay (ultimately denied) and sued him for defrauding them into leasing a house that wasn’t his to lease. On April 8, he says, they rammed his car outside a restaurant with a Zipcar they had rented (the women claimed it was the other way around; the police declined to charge anyone, and there were no witnesses). And Haider made good on her earlier threat: In May 2018, she filed a formal Title IX complaint [with Harvard] against Hay for sexual harassment….

Hay had been keeping the university apprised of Shuman and Haider’s actions, but Harvard’s regulations governing Title IX investigations mean that Hay is still barred from teaching until investigators issue their findings.

So here’s how it’s going for our oh-so-woke professor: No job, no house, no money–and (from an Oct. 2, 2018 report in Babe):

A graduate student who collaborated with Hay on academic projects has accused Hay of sexual misconduct and other untoward behavior, including incidents involving her partner….

One incident between the graduate student and Hay took place on 10th August 2017. At 8.35 PM, Cambridge police responded to a 911 call at her address and said they found the professor hiding outside.

“[Detectives] arrived on scene and located Bruce Hay hiding in the bushes two houses away from [the graduate student’s residence],” a police report says. The report adds that Hay was briefly detained outside the house, and was then served with a restraining order and warned not to contact the graduate student and stay 100 yards away from her at all times.

Douglas Brooks, Hay’s attorney, told babe the restraining order was dismissed a week later. He said that Hay owned the house the graduate student and her family were “illegally occupying,” and that he was hiding outside because he was trying to retrieve his children’s cat, which they were “effectively holding hostage.”

No job, no house, no money–and no cat.

Do you think that somewhere up in heaven, Antonin Scalia is laughing his head off?

Yeah, Karma’s a bitch.

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