Three good woke film-critic reasons to run out right now and buy a ticket to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:

Richard Brody at the New York is his usual hyperbolically politically correct self: “Obscenely regressive”

Tarantino’s love letter to a lost cinematic age is one that, seemingly without awareness, celebrates white-male stardom (and behind-the-scenes command) at the expense of everyone else….
Tarantino delivers a ridiculously white movie, complete with a nasty dose of white resentment; the only substantial person of color, Bruce Lee (by Mike Moh), is played, in another set piece, as a haughty parody….
Cliff [Brad Pitt]’s unhappy marriage isn’t depicted as a site of conflict but as his endurance of the shrill and belittling rage of a shrew….
The movie’s most prominent female character, Sharon Tate ([Margot] Robbie), is given even less substance; she is depicted as an ingenuous Barbie doll who ditzily admires herself onscreen.
Rich Juzwiak at Jezebel thinks female actors should get exactly the same number of lines as male actors: “Doubles down on shittiness toward women”
At a Cannes Film Festival press conference in May, the New York Times culture writer Farah Nayeri observed that Quentin Tarantino hadn’t given many lines to Margot Robbie, one of the stars of the movie he was promoting, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood….
I didn’t take a tally of her lines when I screened the film earlier this week, but I would be surprised if they comprised more than 10 percent of the script. There are long stretches of time where she appears silently on screen, this glowing creature who the film seems to suggest is better seen than heard. On two occasions, she is seen from afar while men explain her life to us….
But Joelle Monique at the Hollywood Reporter takes the cake with her unusual take on the Manson murders: “When violence against women is a punchline”

In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino draws a world where two white, cisgender, heterosexual males (played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt) were able to protect Tate through a series of chance….

However, the conclusion was reached by murdering those young adults — two of them young women — in a comedic and explosively violent manner. The so-called Manson girls had been brainwashed by a madman. While they’re certainly responsible for their own actions, it seems short-sighted to mark them strictly as villains worthy of slaughter.

When you read a film critic who sheds tears over people who stabbed a pregnant woman sixteen times as she begged for mercy for her unborn child, you know you’ve got to see the movie about the “white, cisgender, heterosexual males” who fictionally saved her by killing her killers.

Posted by Charlotte Allen