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Only in Gizmodo: “Greta Thunberg Is Sailing Carbon-Free to the UN Climate Summit, But What About Youth Activists of Color?”

August 1, 2019
School-ditching, Nobel Peace Prize-nominated 16-year-old climate gadfly and Time magazine cover girl Greta Thunberg will be getting a free ride on a “carbon-neutral” sailboat from her native Sweden to New York City for the U.N. Climate Summit on Sept. 23
Well! At least she won’t be flying in on a private jet like the celebrity tree-huggers (invitees include Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Katy Perry) at Google’s lavishly appointed annual “climate change” bash in Sicily.
But leave it to ultra-PC Gizmodo to find a diversity fly in the sump pond’s worth of ointment poured onto the head of the Swede teen by her elders–in a story headlined “Greta Thunberg Is Sailing Carbon-Free to the UN Climate Summit, But What About Youth Activists of Color?”

The Swedish founder of Fridays for Future—a now-global effort where youth skip school on Fridays to protest in the name of climate change and their future—figured out how to make it to the United States without destroying the planet.

She’s headed to New York, which is cool. But what about other youth activists, especially those in the Global South? Thunberg’s success—while rightly deserved—is also a reminder of how our efforts to stop climate change continue to ignore the voices of those most affected by the crisis while uplifting more privileged, white voices….

[P]art of me can’t help but wonder how many other 16-year-old climate activists have been invited to speak at the United Nations and can commandeer a free ride across an entire ocean. I imagine that if most other kids her age—especially any in the developing world—refused to fly to such a summit, they simply wouldn’t be able to go.

Gizmodo contributor Yessenia Funes might be comforted–or maybe not–by this bit of oopsy-do:

…Greta Thunberg wore a left-wing supporting T-shirt, which caused noise all over Sweden. Now, the alternative news site Samhällsnytt has dug a little deeper to find out more about why Greta Thunberg was posing in her T-shirt, which is a copy of the Converse All Stars logo, except from the text which says “Antifascist All Stars”.

It turns out that together with the band The 1975, Greta Thunberg is preaching the end of the world, in which she is stating that all solutions to the climate crisis have failed.

After recording of the song, Greta Thunberg tweeted: “New track from the @the1975 out today and I’m in it! So happy to collaborate with these great people. All our income from this track titled The 1975 – which will be the opening track on their upcoming album – will go to #ExtincionRebellion Time to Rebel!”

The environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion made chaos worldwide, particularly on the streets of London this spring, and launched a second attempt in June to make the capital close down its most important functions.

The group also plans to shut down Heathrow airport this fall, with the help of disturbing drones.

The Swedish section of Extinction Rebellion is led by left-wing activist, Jonathan Pye, who participated in the 2001 Gothenburg riots, when the down-town city became a battle-field after left-wing extremists protested against the visit of former US President George W Bush during the EU summit in the city.

Jonathan Pye was sentenced to four years in prison after being one of the rioteers who threw bricks and stones at the Police and set restaurant furniture on fire at the prime street of Gothenburg, Kungsportsavenyn.

Back then, Pye was an active member of AFA, a Swedish Antifa section. He did not regret any of his doings, he told Sveriges Radio in 2006.

He confirmed that he consciously uses violence as a tool in the political fight. “If I commit acts of violence it is like a game of chess. Then I think coldly and tactically”, he said in the interview.

Greta has since deleted a tweet of herself clad in the Antifa-linked T-shirt, which she said she had borrowed from a friend.

Maybe if she weren’t cutting all those classes to pose for Time and hector foreign governments about fossil fuels, she might have learned something about left-wing extremism in her own country.

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